Healthy Green Smoothie

A healthy green smoothie that’s a favorite in our Nutrition Series. If you like vanilla, you’ll love this one! Such an amazing way to hide kale right there in your shake! For kale lovers, add more, otherwise just those 2 leaves will give you the added nutrition without the vegetable taste.

Chocolate Protein Shake

In the mood for a rich chocolate shake? This is not a milkshake you’ll find in a malt shop. it’s a chocolate smoothie shake! Surely your cravings for ice cream will vanish after you’ve tasted this chocolate shake.

Gelatin for Health: Gummy Bears

These delicious little bears will surely please the kids in your life… but don’t tell them they’re good for you too. The magic ingredient is the gelatin. Be sure to use the Great Lakes brand of gelatin as it’s made from clean, grass fed beef without pesticides, GMOs and antibiotics. Stay away from the grocery store versions of gelatin.

Slender Lemons (gluten, dairy and sugar free)

These taste like shortbread. Really. Get right on this one. Another amazing recipe to help you navigate a world of no sugar and low carb. What’s left in these goodies is plenty of good fats…. your coconut oil, a bit of pasture butter and the healthy fats from the pecans and almonds.

Cocoa Butter Chocolates (gluten, dairy, sugar free)

It’s unreasonable and unrealistic to think anyone will go through life without treats. This is why so many people fail to permanently eat a healthy diet. Today, Valentines Day is one of those holidays that often “derail” people into a cascade of sugary foods. It’s quite difficult for most people to get back on track after a derailment.

Triple Chocolate Cream Cake (gluten and dairy free)

3 lays of rich, decadent chocolate. This recipe will become your staple through the holidays. You can bring it to parties, serve it for dessert, take it to work, or have it for a snack (or two). Not only does the cake taste incredible, but its also full of healthy fats that will keep your blood sugar stable.

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