Chemical Scent Policy

Please do not use scented laundry detergent on your clothing.

artificial chemical scents not allowed in the studioAlso avoid before class:

  • Scented body sprays and perfumes
  • Artificially scented deodorants
  • Hair spray and excessive hair care products

The close quarters of the classes requires that everyone pay extra attention to chemicals and smells. If you currently use scented laundry detergent or scented dryer sheets, you must wash your clothes in unscented detergent a few times before attending this class. You will be turned away if you arrive with this scent. If you have on perfume or body spray, wipe yourself off in the bathroom and change your clothes.


Why Avoid These Scents?

Those chemicals are more than a smell. They are harsh chemicals that aggravate asthma, give people rashes, disrupt hormones and more. Maybe you are not bothered by the chemicals, but many others are.

Almost the same for cigarette smoke.

Though body odor is not a health hazard for others, it can ruin an experience for people. Please change into clean workout clothes and socks before your class, and use the hot towels to freshen up.

Your attention to cleanliness and good hygiene shows respect for others and will dramatically improve the experience for your class members and your teacher.

I can’t adequately express my gratitude for you fragrances policy. I am terribly reactive to scents, and even more reactive to people telling me I’m just attention seeking when I make these requests. I have been flattened for days after sitting through a concert, for example, by someone who didn’t feel properly dressed up without her perfume. Thank you! For validating the issue, and for creating safe space. Really — THANK YOU! — Ann M.