in our unique Minneapolis studio are fun, engaging and effective. Get lots of guidance and attention from your instructor. If you’re a beginner, your teacher will help you with form and technique, and will encourage you to take plenty of breaks while you get your body used to the class. Those more athletic will be encouraged to do more.

It’s easy to meet others and make friends here. People are friendly and understand what it’s like to feel out of shape.

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Pilates Mat

Improve your core strength and posture. Ideal class to improve focus and concentration. Pilates Mat takes time to learn to do correctly so give yourself time to learn! We help you learn to feel it in the right places. Our classes are taught so beginners can learn right along with the more experienced. Everyone will be challenged in the class and leave standing taller and feeling stronger. No shoes. All levels. Private Pilates sessions or Pilates Reformer Classes are also a great option to learn Pilates on the equipment.


Build a beautiful body using dumbbells, bands and the small ball. Choose weights from 1 lb to 15lbs. You’ll tone, strengthen and shape your body from head to toe. 

nia classes minneapolisNia

Dance/movement/mind/body workout incorporating many different styles of movement including martial arts. Not difficult choreography. Good for those with joint problems. No jumping/pounding. No shoes. All levels. Visit our Nia page to learn more about our Nia classes!

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga uses a variety of props to help you get into the poses effectively. Lots of instruction and help in the class. Ideal class for people new to yoga and people who are stiff, weak and inflexible. Also great for those wanting to work deeper into the poses, understanding that yoga is a lifelong practice that gets more challenging as you learn more. No shoes. All levels.


A general yoga class using music. You’ll do Sun Salutations, standing poses, hip openers and twists. Modifications given and appropriate for all levels.

Aerial StretchAerialSheenadancersPoseSMALL

It’s like Aerial Yoga. It’s calm and rejuvinating. A class for anyone with an inflexible spine and shoulders. You’ll notice a big difference in mobility. No inversions, hanging or spinning. Use the low hammock to decompress your spine, release fascia and tight muscles, and relax your body and mind. No shoes.

Restorative Stretch

Deep, relaxing stretch class. You’ll use bolsters, straps and other props to help you get into the proper positions. Great class for stress reduction …you’ll love the way your body feels after class. No shoes. All levels. 

Small Ball Release

A studio favorite! Serious stress relief. Use the small balls to roll out and release tight muscles and to mobilize stuck fascia…leaving you feeling more mobile, loose and relaxed. Your body will thank you for going to this class. No shoes. All levels.

Aerobics with Soul

African dance/fitness class done barefoot. Moderate intensity level.


A class for everybody. Alternate boxing, standing balance and toning and fun, easy “dance” moves for relief in between. Get cardio and strengthening/toning in one class. Learn more here.


Change the shape of your body with this intense muscle toning class. You’ll use the ballet barre, the floor, BarsSharpSMALL1and small weights to tone hips, thighs, abs and arms. Upbeat, energetic music. Non-stop movement. Also a great class to improve strength of your back and improve posture. It’s NOT ballet, yoga or Pilates. It’s ALL intense muscle toning. No shoes. All levels. Visit our Barre page to find out more about this class!


Use the aerial hammock to give you that dancer’s body look: limber, lean, flexible and toned. You’ll improve your balance, tone your thighs, lift your seat and increase flexibility of your spine, hips, shoulders and hamstrings. Great for people who have already done Barre. No spinning or inversions, can easily be done at the ballet barre.


Strength training using the barbell and motivating music. No fancy steps. It’s easy to learn and it’s FUN. Not a great option for those with knee or shoulder trouble. A very good class for people new to lifting weights. Wear shoes.

Tabataexercise classes minneapolis

45 minute tabata class featuring a warm up, 35 minutes of high intensity interval training using the step bench, ball, purple circles, jump ropes, weights and bands, and a cool-down and stretch. Lots of options offered to make the class doable for everyone. Shoes. All levels.

Insanity Live

Athletic cardio and strength drills for all levels. GO “all out” and it gets insane. Or take options and go at your own pace. Everyone welcome. Wear clean indoor fitness “aerobic” shoes. Running shoes are not a good choice.

BollyXbollyx classes in minneapolis

A Bollywood-inspired dance-fitness program mixing dynamic choreography with the hottest music from around the world. The cardio workout cycles between higher and lower-intensity dance sequences to get you moving, sweating, and motivated. At the very core of a BollyX workout is the inspiration it draws from the music and dance of Bollywood, the film industry of India.

Zumbaexercise classes minneapolis

Latin, hip hop dance fusion class. Easy to learn and loads of fun. Wear shoes.

Zumba Gold

Fun Zumba class for people beginning exercise. Great for people wanting an enjoyable, fun, less intense class.

WillPower and Grace

A well rounded class giving you overall muscle strengthening, flexibility, balance training, and moderate cardio. No jumping, no tricky choreography, and no dancing. However, the moves feel graceful and have a ballet and yoga feel. The last 30 minutes is yoga and stretching moves on the mat. For all levels.

The staff are extremely friendly–they always use your name. There is a good variety of classes, which are taylored for all levels of fitness. The instructors are easy to follow and take the time to help us do the moves correctly. I enjoy the classes. They push me but also encourage me to work at my own pace. – JF