If you already take Pilates classes in Minneapolis you will be happy to see how much more you can learn from 1 hour workshops focusing on a specific aspect of Pilates. Most of these are workshops on the Pilates reformer, the chair, the arc barrel or the mat. Some are for brand new beginners and others are for the advanced student.

Intermediate Repertoire Workshop

Learn the intermediate level Pilates reformer exercises. Open to people already taking modern or classical beginning level reformer who want to join a classical or modern intermediate level class.

You’ll have 3 hours to learn the exercise, master the technique points and also find special options you may need.

At the end of the workshop your instructor will let you know if you are able to advance to the modern, classical or both intermediate levels.

Sun Aug 19, 9-12noon

$99         PURCHASE

Pilates classes in Minneapolis

I believe every woman, any age, any body type, any fitness level, who is able to get to TimeOut Studio should. I feel the studio empowers women. Its honestly the most positive establishment I’ve ever set foot in! There are fitness centers which may be less expensive, but you truly get what you pay for & I will be a member for life. — Andrea D.