Crush Cravings in 21 Days

Starts Mon, July 6, 2020

Learn how to stop eating junk and gain complete control over what you choose to eat. 

It’s much easier than you think.

  • It’s not a diet plan
  • Not calorie or any other counting
  • You don’t need strength and willpower
  • It’s not a quick weight loss program

Module1: Set up Meals for Success. Learn to make the best choices for foods that will squelch cravings in late afternoon and evening.

Module 2: Master Hydration: Most people have this wrong. Learn how to get water inside your cells for true hydration and why this necessary if you want to squash cravings. 

Module 3: JumpStart your Brain: Brains lacking feel-good chemicals will look for food to satisfy. Learn how to get your brain chemistry boosted so you feel calm, peaceful and satisfied…and watch the cravings drop off. 

Module 4: Achieve Metabolic Flexibility: Re-gain your ability to easily burn fat as fuel when you have no food in your stomach. Clear mind, no headaches, no irritability, no weakness or light-headedness…just an empty stomach with plenty of energy. 

Module 5: Harness and Ride the Wave: Get on the wave of physiology and ride it…rather than using willpower and strength to “stay on your diet”. learn how it’s much easier and less work than you think when you harness nature. 

Module 6: BulletProof your BounceBack. Learn how to get right back on track when you deviate at parties, holidays or travel. You’ll get a solid plan to start back the very next day….. no more being off track for weeks or months or years. 


Join Crush Cravings in 21 Days and receive 6 complete modules to help you move from “controlled-by-cravings” to YOU being in complete control….without hassle, unreasonable eating, deprivation, complicated diet plans and most all… without eating flavorless, bland, boring food.

Be one of our founding members and get Crush Cravings for only $49 (reg $99). Use coupon code “founder” to save $50 and become a founding member of our new online learning community.


Mini course “How to Get Freedom from Addictive Foods”

Learn why 30-40% of people get withdrawal symptoms when trying to eliminate certain foods and how you can make this process more comfortable.

Live webinars to answer your questions, connect with others and get even more tips for success.

pilates reformer minneapolis

Studio TimeOut has been in offering exercise classes in Minneapolis since 1999. Our purpose is to help people feel better and realize how amazing they really are. We do this through the health enhancing benefits of nutrition, exercise and personal growth work.  

 exercise classes in minneapolis

JeanneMarie Schmit, Pharm.D is the founder of Studio TimeOut. She combines her expertise in health, nutrition, Pilates and  exercise classes with business savvy to bring a valuable service to South Minneapolis residents. She’ll soon be reaching out to the rest of the world with online programs.



Welcome to Studio TimeOut

Since 1999, Studio TimeOut has grown to offer Pilates, a variety of exercise classes, nutrition education programs and detoxification for people in Minneapolis, St Paul, Edina, Richfield, St Louis Park, Bloomington and more. Pilates reformer classes or private Pilates lessons are ideal for people wanting individualized help. New students will find that the Pilates reformer is the easiest way to get started in learning Pilates. You will work with an experienced Pilates instructor using the classic Pilates equipment. Whether you opt for yoga, barre or toning workouts, classes in healthy eating or Pilates, you will get the opportunity to improve your health and well being..... not commonly available at fitness studios. Our entire staff genuinely cares and helps you to feel comfortable and at home in the studio.

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