Let’s try this special Voxx HPT neuro-technology for the month of March. Get the socks and/or insoles and try them for a month. Get your money back if you aren’t pleased. Plan to feel greater stability, better balance, less pain, more endurance and power and better overall. 

Want to make better decisions with focus and confidence?

Meet VOXX socks, insoles and patches designed with your wellness in mind. VOXX uses Human Performance Technology (HPT) which is a wearable neurotechnology embedded into insoles or  socks to help enhance human performance. It appears to be allowing for improved decision making, focus, short term/applicable and activatable memory – the peer reviewed, double blind studies are currently ongoing.

Are you interested in a better quality of life?

No matter your age or lifestyle, wearing this “neurotech” will help you achieve your true potential by providing less discomfort, improved functionality, better coordination and enhanced athletic capability.  When you have the Voxx High Performance Technology (HPT) on, within seconds, your Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) is essentially “earthed”, beautifully calm, as if you were in nature.  Imagine the possibilities…

Suffering from painful debilitating conditions?

We are still finding out everything that Voxx HPT can help with.  Tremors, weakness, sense of feeling, mental wellness, coordination, balance, focus, and sleep can potentially be helped with VoxxHPT.  The nervous system is in contact with the entire body, so tapping into the brainstem with Voxx technology is like tapping into a computer mainframe to organize and optimize it.  It benefits the physiology of the body including the muscular, skeletal, cardiovascular, digestive, and hormone systems.  The list of conditions this may help is extensive as it works on whole body wellness.  Everyone is unique and it will focus on the area most in need so there is no predicting which will be benefited first, as it depends on the body’s innate wisdom to heal.  Studies have found improvement of balance by 31%, an increase of power output by 22%, increased range of motion by 10%,  recovery time speeded up and decreased pain as much as 90% in diabetic neuropathy and 98% in plantar fasciitis.

How Does it Work?

Voxx HPT uses a pattern of neuro-receptor activation points that only need to touch at 1/1000th an inch of pressure to activate the proprioceptors and mechanoreceptors (the reset button) on the ball of the foot or forearm.  This directly stimulates and activates the neurological potential to create a foundation of strength, endurance, stability and wellness to improve your day-to-day performance and quality of life.  

Voxx HPT is scientifically proven in independent testing to date to instantly and consistently improve performance by: reducing diabetic neuropathic and plantar fascial pain, improved posture, strength, endurance, stability, balance, range of motion, faster reaction times and reduced recovery time from exertion. Voxx HPT was developed following the analysis of over 10,000 peer reviewed, double-blind international neurological studies  dating back as far as 1964. 

The VoxxHPT technology pattern is simply a code.  When it touches the ball of your foot or forearm, it sends a signal to the brainstem to go into equilibrium or homeostasis. The moment this happens, you become stronger, more balanced, with increased range of motion and potentially improved wellness in areas needed most.  

The brainstem controls, empowers and regulates the Central Nervous System.  Imagine the potential for the positive effects of balancing this brain-body interface…

How do I start?

Choose from socks and/or insoles. It depends on your lifestyle. If you wear shoes all day you may prefer the insoles. If you’re in and out of different shoes maybe you’d prefer the socks. Most people like a combination. Place your order using the button or place an order at the studio. Wear the “technology” (the socks or insoles) for 30 days to give it a good trial. You can wear the socks to bed if they feel good for you. The more you use the tech the better effect you get. 

More Tips:

  • To save on expenses, choose the 3 pack of thin insoles and share the package.
  • To save on socks choose the Liner Mini Crew which is $35 (instead of $40).
  • There is a patch available. Use the patch when socks or insoles don’t work (i.e. you must be barefooted for an activity)
  • The patches come in a 3-pack. get the 3 pack and share with someone to save on cost. 
  • Get plenty of socks so you have a clean pair to wear every day. A good trial requires you wear the tech every day! And no one wants to wear the same pair of socks every day!
  • Machine wash or hand wash the socks. Air dry (no dryer for the socks!).
  • For insoles choose from the thin insoles with no arch or padding… or choose the arch supported and padded ones. 
  • To size, you trim the insoles to fit your shoes.
  • The patch can be worn for 24 hours and must be placed on the forearm for your first wearing. 
  • Before starting, make a note of your symptoms…energy level, need for naps, brain fog, dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus, pain (where), foot trouble, shaking, handwriting quality, tremor, endurance, mobility (range of motion), balance, general sense of wellbeing, strength, etc. 
  • After 21 days if you have not noticed an effect, remove the tech for the next 3 days and take note of al the above. Did anything revert back and maybe you didn’t notice the improvement? 
  • If you removed it for 3 days, put it back on for the next week and take note of possible changes.