AERIAL STRETCH CLASSESaerial yoga stretch minneapolis


Stress relief is SO necessary for us. Yes, intense exercise is great, but we all need that other side of a calm nervous system to experience good health.

And no aspect of stress relief is more important than muscle tension release.

The relaxation you’ll experience from the aerial classes will bring a sense of well-being and alertness.  

Take aerial after a toning class or tabata class… you’ll notice over time you get more out of the intense classes when you allow your body to relax.

Insider Tips:

  • A class most everyone can do. The limitation would be if you cannot stand on one leg while holding onto the hammock. You need balance to do that… which most people have.
  • Arrive early to allow the instructor to get your hammock set to the right height. If you arrive late, you’ll use whatever hammocks are left.
  • Most do best doing aerial classes on an empty stomach. You won’t be swinging, but some people get a bit motion sick with the hanging hammocks.
  • Wear tighter fitting clothes. Remove rings and jewelry.
  • You don’t need to be strong, flexible, or in any sort of shape to do this class.
  • The contact with the fabric may be uncomfortable at first. As you do it more, your fascia and muscles get used to the pressure. It’s actually very good and healthy to do this class.
  • After doing aerial classes for awhile, you’ll find your body becomes more pliable and limber and you move with greater ease.