Paracelsus #4

Jeanne and Tom O’Bryan

I’m in this photo standing next to Tom O’Bryan. He is not employed by the clinic…but he led our group…giving talks and being available. Tom is a health practitioner and has written a number of books…and has a website at He was here with us with his wife Marzy. Tom has been on a path of educating people on the negative aspects of gluten for a number of years.

He teaches that no human can digest gluten. It causes the cells in your gut to get inflamed and opens the tight junctions between the cells….allowing leakage. 80% of people don’t feel this happening….. but the leakage causes problems in other parts of your body …your joints, headaches, thyroid problems, mood problems and more.The people that feel the problem are often the lucky ones. When they eat gluten it hurts… gas, bloating, diarrhea…gut problems! Those people make the connection and stop eating gluten and start to heal.

Others don’t make the connection because their belly doesn’t hurt…so the problem seems like it’s not there. A great idea is to eliminate all wheat for a few weeks and see what happens! We regularly have people in the studio do this and find their joint pain disappears.

Petra and Jeanne

Petra and Jeanne

A photo of Dr Petra and me. Dr Petra is the doctor who runs the clinic. She has been doing this for over 25 years. She started as a conventional doctor in Germany and did not like that the cause of the problem was never addressed …and the solutions they used (drugs and surgery) never really got people to a healthy state (similar to US?).

She was asked to come to Paracelsus and started the program here. She and her husband Ulf left Germany and donated their home to serve as an orphanage. Petra and Ulf are very gracious people who truly care about the well being of others.

Their daughter Friderike is also a doctor here. She has a 2 year old (Leo) and another baby on the way. She is bubbly and super healthy looking…in addition to a very good doctor.

In addition to the treatments I’ve been writing about, they use a lot of homeopathics here…. in infusions, injections…and oral.


Pads off in the morning

The first week we had these pads called “VitalPhlaster” to put on our feel at night…and remove in the morning. They drew out toxins from the bottoms of our feet….maybe similar to the ion cleanse? It felt satisfying getting up in the morning and seeing all this goo on the pads!

Dining room where we had all our meals

The food we had was quite good. All organic (it’s called biological here). We get a HUGE variety of vegetables. Lunch is a buffet full of various vegetables and greens. I like to put flax oil on the salad and top it with sunflower seeds. After the salad, another course was always served at lunch. Lunch is the largest meal of the day here.

Dinner is cooked food..starting with an appetizer made of vegetables (this was often raw), followed by a vegetable pureed soup, then the main course of vegetables cooked.

Life Changing Bread

Breakfast was a buffet of cheeses, sheep yogurt, porridge, cooked fruit and 3 different gluten free breads we could toast. I liked the one called “Life Changing Bread”. I liked to toast it and dip it into flax seed oil. They get the flax locally and make their own oil. The “Life Changing Bread” is almost all seeds. I”ll be sure to share the recipe. It’s great for people transitioning off wheat and gluten… or for people eating a keto diet who want a special bread on their carb day for diet variation.

Tonight (Saturday night) we have a special gala dinner. We had it last Saturday as well. It starts with live music at 6:30pm, then dinner at 7:30. Last Saturday the piano player was outstanding and played music very inspiring to dance to…so of course David and I got up and danced. A 4 course dinner was served at 7:30 culminating in an entire buffet full of desserts… all made without gluten and sugar. One with various fruit was my favorite. I decided for tonight I will pass on some of food before to allow for room for desserts!

Jeanne and the mountains

Tonight we have a famous musician and composer who has been performing and composing for over 50 years! He has composed for a number of movies in the US. Petra and Ulf asked David and I to dance for everyone tonight along with the beautiful music. So we’ll see how that goes!

We leave here tomorrow morning at 8am…landing in Minneapolis at 8:10pm. I’m happy to come home! This has been a wonderful stay here. I feel more healthy…difficult to say exactly how….but I notice a change. I do miss you all at the studio. I’ve been following along with the staff at work through the last 2 weeks. The time change of me being 7 hours ahead has been beneficial….like I can stay ahead!!!

I have so much more to share….but must get ready for the gala tonight!

See you soon!





Paracelsus #3

Paracelsus Clinic

Pretty flowers in Casteneda

So much goes by and happens in just one day here…. it’s hard to portray it all to you! Though so much happens… we also have quite a bit of time to enjoy the outdoors and relax.

As you recall, I’m spending this week on heavy metal detox using IV chelating agents. One downside is the chelating agents also bind to minerals… so the day after my chelation, I got a long infusion of amino acids, B vitamins, and lots of minerals. I got this yesterday and really felt quite robust and healthy afterwards. David and I walked for 3 hours yesterday (again, very steep up and down) and we both felt much stronger.

It could be because we’ve been hiking every day… but something felt different… like we were not nearly as winded and it just did not feel so difficult. It very well could be from all this oxygen, ozone, and mitochondrial therapy we’ve been getting.


Helma and David

One thing our group jokes about is the coffee enemas. A therapist comes to our rooms and delivers the enema. We each get a few a week. It’s a common site to see the therapist walking through the halls with the enema pole. Helma is one of the therapists administering the enemas and it seems she was just born to do this! She bounds from room to room… and if you are not there…. she searches the facility to track you down! You do not get away from Helma!

Coffee enemas are very useful for stimulating bile output (helping to clean and clear the liver and gallbladder)… but also for increasing your production of glutathione. Glutathione is already made in your body, but many people are deficient in it. The coffee enema stimulates your liver to make more. One of the many things glutathione is used for is liver detoxification. We can easily get depleted because our livers are SO BUSY running toxin loaded blood through day after day.

In a coffee enema, once the coffee is introduced into the colon, it travels through the special colon/liver blood vessels to the liver. That’s where the magic is done…. in the liver!

Paracelsus clinic

Common site of the enema pole in the hallway

Did you know that your entire volume of blood is circulated through your liver every 3 minutes. That means your liver is responsible for detoxifying about 2,300 liters of blood each day! Then you take a coffee enema and bile gets squeezed out of the liver… removing toxins with it!

If your liver is having trouble and is not able to filter the blood and remove the toxins, you start to have symptoms….. which could be a huge variety of things. How often do you go to your health practitioner and get a prescription or receive some guidance to help your liver function better? I’m thinking if we put more attention on this precious and hard working organ, we could all feel so much better!

David is focusing on autoimmune improvement this week…. and mainly using ozone therapy for this purpose. The ozone can be given a few different ways. One is hyperbaric ozone directly into the blood. They run about a quart of blood  through a specific concentration of ozone 10 times. They use heparin to anti-coagulate… so there is a bleeding risk for about 24 hours (I was a little worried because David does get bad nose bleeds). Ozone therapy has been scientifically shown to:

  • Increase interferon formation…. thereby killing cancerous cells
  • Massive proliferation of natural killer cells… so causes a huge stimulation of your immunologic processes…making it a key treatment for all types of cancer
  • Have a powerful antiviral, antibacterial and fungicidal effect… so it dramatically decreases your load of these organisms in your system
  • Results in extreme improvement of blood flow… it helps make dysfunctional blood vessels functional again
  • Provides a strong detoxifying effect on circulatory disorders, wound healing disorders by strong activation of the liver, kidneys, lymph, colon…. and binding the toxins to the oxygen atoms. The blood is cleaned of heavy metals
  • Gives an increase in mitochondrial energy… so it improves cell and organ performance
  • Promotes intensive signalling which activates your stem cells, stimulates cell regeneration and the body’s repair processes

Centuries old house in the area

The ozone therapy can be useful for these applications:

  • Chronic recurrent infections such as sinus infections
  • Ear infections
  • Parkinson’s
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Joint diseases
  • Allergies
  • Leg ulcers
  • IBS
  • Leaky gut

I feel so grateful we are here and able to get these treatments… but also to experience the chance to relax and enjoy. Remember, the first thing we learned is that the body does its best healing when in the parasympathetic state. So when we go home to Minneapolis, we plan to continue some of the infusions….. I’m thinking it will be very challenging (or impossible!) to be in a relaxed state like we are in here. BUT, we all do the best we can, right? We use the resources we have and know that our bodies are very strong and adaptable.


Paracelsus in Switzerland

detox minneapolis

Example of stairways up and down to the rooms

That infusion I had yesterday was for heavy metal detox. It was 2 different chelating agents given IV along with high dose vitamin C. When we get these infusions we’re also given other therapies along with it.

Biophoton, or light therapy, is one of those. People are using light therapy at specific wavelengths more and more for healing and therapeutic purposes. We also get another therapy that helps the mitochondria (the energy producing part of the cell). It take energy to get rid of toxins so this is very helpful!

I got a bit nauseous and had a metal taste in my mouth… all that disappeared after 20 minutes. The chelating agents irreversibly bind to the metals (mercury, aluminum, lead, etc). They also bind minerals so we get mineral infusions on the in-between days.

David still has mercury fillings in his mouth so he cannot do the chelation therapy until those are out. He’ll be doing hyperbaric ozone therapy starting tomorrow. It’s a treatment where your blood leaves your body and is passed through ozone….10 times…before returning back inside. The ozone can reduce bacteria, viruses and mold in addition to other contaminants. It increases micro-circulation which is lacking in many of us. When our tissues have better perfusion, they work better.

detoxification minneapolis

Architecture of the building

It’s such a great environment to be doing these treatments. The treatments are not really pleasant, and they can make us tired or maybe not feel our best. But being right here in the fresh mountain air, being able to relax and be with very nice and interesting people… and eat such clean well prepared meals helps tremendously. Even the water is outstanding. We can drink right from the bathroom sink. It’s clean with no fluoride and chlorine…. just lots of good minerals.

The clinic is 7 stories with all the rooms facing south out over the mountains. The 7th floor is on the bottom so it took me a few days to get used to knowing to go up or down. Our room is on the 4th floor and there are exits to go outdoors from each floor….so each floor can feel like you’re on ground level.

Each day at about 4pm we get our schedule of treatments for the following day.

This afternoon I had a cupping massage treatment. The therapist put 2 suction cups on my back, then took one of them and moved it all around my back in a massaging fashion. Then he parked that one and used the other to massage.

You may recall seeing Madeline with these darkish circles on her back. That’s from cupping …. but keeping the suction cups stationary. She does this on  regular basis. The cupping draws the toxins out from the tissues such as muscle and connective tissue making it easier for the bloodstream to pick them up and remove them. A very helpful thing to do during heavy metal detox.

Laundry drying on our balcony

The facility is very modest. This is not a luxury stay but it works for the purpose! I’m just getting used to the beds as they’re more stiff than I’m used to. The walls are concrete which is actually a good thing to not have toxic building materials. The luxury comes from the beautiful nature and surroundings…. so it works very well. We do our own laundry in the room and dry it on the chairs on the balcony.




Paracelsus Experience in Switzerland

Paracelsus clinic

David on our room balcony

Our 2nd week of health improving treatments starts today. David and I are here at the Paracelsus Clinic in the Swiss Alps.

Our first week was focused on liver detoxification. It involved eating a diet that supports liver health, many various treatments, and walks/hikes outdoors. The culmination was a gallbladder flush on Thursday night. We all made it through and had a gala celebration on Saturday night.

We’re here with a group… we all arrived last Sunday and went through the week together. Some stayed for only the first week. 8 of our group is staying on for this 2nd week where we’ll focus on our individual issues. A brand new group of 16 arrived yesterday… getting started with their liver detox!

It’s been quite the journey so far. Right now I’m getting ready for a morning infusion. My week will focus on heavy metal detox… mercury, lead, aluminum, etc.


The sign you see when driving in

The clinic is led by 2 doctors… mother and daughter (Petra and Frederika). A 3rd is joining… a man from Germany. They have about 25 staff members here who provide the treatments, cook, clean, and drive. The staff speak many of the European languages and come from all over. So the language can be a bit challenging for us English speakers!

People come from all over the world to get help with health problems. The focus of the clinic is to help restore the body to its intended state so it can heal itself. When our bodies are over burdened with toxins (heavy metals, pesticides, chemical pollutants, etc), the blood and other tissues cannot do their job. The liver suffers, the blood becomes acidic, our brain doesn’t function well, our kidneys malfunction, and at some point people get symptoms.

The clinic aims to improve the bio-terrain of the body so the blood and organs can get back to working well.

detox clinic

the view from our room

One very useful diagnostic tool they use here is darkfield microscopy where you look at your live blood. Red blood cells should be a specific shape and size and freely able to move. There should not be yeast, bacteria, viruses or crystals found in your blood. Seeing many crystals can indicate your kidneys may have trouble filtering these out. Your white blood cells should be seen cleaning up (because there ARE things in your blood that shouldn’t be there!). They take a drop of blood, put it on a slide and we look at it together and learn about what we see.

If you see red blood cells clumping, unable to move, too small or too large, or shriveled, or lots of crystals or other large objects that should not be there……. something is not right! If you see too many or too few white blood cells… or white blood cells not being active… that’s also not a good thing! We all (in our group) had these abnormalities to different degrees. When this happens, oxygen is not delivered effectively to the tissues and problems happen related to the decrease in oxygen delivery. Abnormalities of the white blood cells can indicate a problem with immunity. We are prescribed treatments here but also supplements and lifestyle practices to do when we leave… to help improve the quality of our blood.

Blood is our lifeforce… and when I see how easy it is to simply look at the blood…. I wonder why this is not done routinely in medical practice. It’s one of the most basic parts of our health… and we can do something about it once we know!

They really focus on the basics here…. meaning looking at the blood… using normal physiology as a guide to how your body should be operating. 

Another basic is measuring the state of your nervous system. Ideally we should be balanced between parasympathetic and sympathetic. Many of us live in the sympathetic state (fight or flight)….. and don’t have enough parasympathetic going on.

It’s in the parasympathetic state where we restore and heal and regenerate. The clinic here puts an emphasis on us relaxing and enjoying and being happy to facilitate the parasympathic state…. so we get the most from the treatments and the time we are here.

detox minneapolis

cloudy morning in the mountains

It’s an example of why it’s best to meditate or relax when you’re doing an ion cleanse or sauna (or any type of healing treatment). If you’re on your computer or cellphone doing work or business and near radio frequency and magnetic fields from these devices, it’s not conducive to a parasympathetic state and your detox will not be as effective… because, again, it’s the parasympathetic nervous system state that is conducive to regeneration and healing.

The mountains are huge and beautiful and we take walks/hikes as much as we can. After the first few days our hips/legs/joints were completely shot from the very steep downhill walking motion! It’s either severe upwards or dramatically downwards here in the mountains! David and I both buckled down with Egoscue exercises to get our weaker muscles firing properly… and it saved the day and we’re doing a lot better.

I think about the studio often…. all of you and your special lives. It’s Labor day today and I see many of you came in to take class with Kendra. It’s very special to have her back teaching fitness classes after the birth of her twin boys. And Liz at the front desk helping and greeting all of you. And Beth teaching special reformer classes and private lessons, and Madeline and Eileen also teaching the group classes. And a few of you coming in for detox with the ion cleanse and sauna. All on a holiday. It’s so great to see so many of you taking time to do something beneficial for your health. I hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday today. Relax, enjoy your company. Eat good food and move your body!


Silicon for Hair, Skin and Nails…and More!

Silicon for Hair, Skin and Nails…and More!

healthy hair skin and nails silicon mineral

Silicon is a mineral most people don’t think about much…. so it’s good you’re reading this because silicon is super important for staying healthy! But it‘s not silican, silica or silicone…. those are different materials.

Silicon is the 2nd most abundant element on the earth… just behind oxygen and above aluminum.

Think of bones and joints… how many people have trouble with this? Osteoporosis, joint pain, tendonitis, loss of teeth….

The silicon mineral is critically important in the health of these tissues.

Then move to wrinkles, sagging skin, weak nails, thinning hair….. all signs of a lack of the mineral silicon.

And more! Silicon is found in the insides of blood vessels and especially the aorta. Silicon helps the vessel walls be both strong and flexible and pliable (not stiff and weak).

Silicon has an anti-inflammatory effect specifically for muscle aches and joint pain. It works by modulating these specific cytokines (cytokines are messengers of inflammation). 

And lastly, silicon helps improve the electrical potential of your cell membranes. Many things degrade cell membranes… and when that happens health declines. The source of health problems is often when the cell membrane is not intact and working properly. Silicon is an important player in getting the cell membrane back to good working condition.

How would someone get low tissue levels of silicon?

Silicon is found in whole grains, but when they are processed, much of the silicon is diminished. Aging decreases silicon levels… but a huge factor in low levels is aluminum toxicity.

sources of aluminum toxicityAluminum competes with silicon and gets deposited into your connective tissue, bone, and inside blood vessels… taking the place of silicon. So your tissues that should contain silicon… contain aluminum.

And we know high levels of aluminum are toxic… leading to neuro-degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s but others as well.

If you find you have high tissue levels of aluminum (by doing an effective test), silicon supplementation can help in 2 ways:

  1. Silicon decreases absorption of aluminum (we all get a daily intake of aluminum just from normal life)
  2. Silicon helps your kidneys increase excretion of aluminum.

How do I know if I need it?

Get your tissue levels measured. A blood test would not be accurate. Aluminum is in blood for only a short time before it moves into your organs, brain, and tissues….. so you won’t find it in a blood level unless you’ve had a big, recent exposure. 

It’s most accurate to test the levels found in your tissues. We use the OligoScan… a spectrophotometric measure of your tissue levels of silicon and 19 other minerals…. but also measures the tissue levels of 14 heavy metals including mercury, aluminum, lead, cadmium, and more.

It would be highly beneficial to know if you have high levels of aluminum creating a deficiency in silicon. If yes, it would be useful to reduce your aluminum levels through detoxification in addition to supplementing with silicon.

This is an example where the shotgun approach to taking supplements is not useful. If your silicon levels are not low, you won’t get benefits from taking more. It’s a reason why many studies may not show a benefit to taking certain nutritional supplements. An example is chromium for diabetes. Studies are contradictory in terms of showing if chromium is beneficial or not. Yet none of the studies measured chromium levels. They just gave it to everyone… not knowing their levels ahead of supplementation. It stands to reason that taking chromium supplements if your level is normal will not give you an added benefit. The same is true for silicon and most all minerals.

What type of silicon supplement?

silicon supplementI recommend the product called “RegeneMax” by Xymogen. They assure their products are clean of heavy metals and contain what they claim to have in them. This is a stabilized silicon product (orthosilicic acid) that comes as capsules and liquid.

It’s most wise to get your levels tested so you know your silicon status before just supplementing (when you might not need it!). Minerals work best when they are present in the right levels. Testing will also give you the bigger picture. It’s best to look at all the heavy metals and minerals together and how they affect each other…. then come up with a plan to improve the levels.

I’m so glad to be able to offer the OligoScan test here in Minneapolis. I heard of the test when making plans for a visit to the Paracelsus Health Clinic in the Swiss Alps. David and I are going there for a 2 week stay the end of the summer. In addition to many healing and medical treatments (they are world known for treatment of end stage cancer and other very serious illnesses) they use the OligoScan to test for heavy metals and mineral status. It’s not widely used in the US and Studio TimeOut is the only place in Minnesota that has it.

Come take the opportunity to find out this useful information and get a detailed analysis of results and recommendations for what you can do to improve your mineral status and decrease your toxic heavy metals. 

Heavy metals are not on most people’s radar

Instead, many people are struggling with hormone imbalance, thyroid problems, depression, anxiety, menopause, sleep trouble, resistant weight loss, ADHD, autoimmune diseases, adrenal problems……. but they are not understanding that all those health issues are happening because of a greater problem… what we call “upstream”… such as heavy metal toxicity, infections people are not aware of, or mold or other chemical toxicities. Medical professionals are missing this…… and people are not getting to the root cause of their health problems.

The place to start is to get tested to see your heavy metal status…. and your mineral status. It doesn’t sound flashy… but it gets to the cause… then you can take action to fix it!

Come to our Saturday morning class to learn how heavy metals and minerals affect your health and how, if you ignore these 2, you can be completely missing the cause for your health problems including high blood pressure, diabetes, digestive trouble, and more. Learn the mechanism and how this trouble happens, and learn what you can do about it.

Go here to reserve your spot in the class (it’s 8:45am on Saturday mornings)

For more info about the OligoScan test, go to our website for more details.


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OligoScan for Heavy Metal Testing

OligoScan for Heavy Metal Testing

Exciting announcement that we are now able to measure tissue levels of heavy metals! It’s a machine called the OligoScan and it was developed in France and is used throughout the world. We are the only place offering it in Minnesota.

heavy metal toxicityWhat are Heavy Metals?

The OligoScan measures 14 different heavy metals: Aluminum, antimony, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, nickel, lead, and more. Our bodies can hold a certain amount of heavy metals but they create health problems when they build up to high levels.

What Health Problems?

Autoimmunity, mood and hormone problems, thyroid and adrenal dysfunction, resistant weight loss, tinnitis, parasite overload, candida and yeast overgrowth, digestive problems, cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s, ADD/ADHD, autism, lack of energy, and much more.

Heavy metal toxicity is almost never considered when people go to a health provider for help with the above issues… yet it is often the upstream cause. It can work temporarily to give thyroid medication, or adrenal supplements, or do gut healing…… but people often find their issue does not completely resolve until they get to the ultimate cause.

Why Test?

It’s helpful to know if heavy metals are an issue for you or not… and the only way to know is to measure them. The available heavy metal testing has mainly consisted of serum levels, urine levels, and hair analysis. To get an accurate picture you must do all 3. Serum measures recent exposure. After a few days the metals migrate into your tissues and are no longer detected in your blood. Hair will show excretion of metals in the last 3 months… and urine shows what you are excreting following a challenge test.

The OligoScan measures tissue heavy metal status using spectrophotometry. No blood draws, no cutting hair, and no waiting weeks for results. It’s the metals in your tissues that give an accurate picture of your overall heavy metal status.

Then What?

Once you know which metals are excessive (if any), you can get to work on doing the appropriate detoxification. We have a class Saturday mornings (free class) where you can learn more about heavy metals and toxicity. You’ll learn why it’s important to detoxify at the cell level…… and not stop at doing only a colon cleanse, or liver cleanse… or juice cleanse. Not that those are bad… it’s just that they don’t reach far enough into the cellular level to remove the toxins. If you have high levels of mercury or lead (or something else) you need to work more effectively than a short 2-3 week cleanse to significantly reduce your heavy metal load.

And you want to do it safely…. right?

2 Invitations For You

  1. Get your heavy metals tested with the OligoScan. OligoScan pricing is normally $225. Get the blog special at $99/scan until June 30 2018. You can purchase the scan here and use promo code “99scan” to get the $99 special rate. Once purchased, a staff member will contact you to schedule your test.
  2. Come learn more at the Intro to True Cellular Detox class on Saturdays at 9am. No charge. Just a chance to learn more about heavy metals (and other toxins) and how they might be affecting you… and what you can do about it.

Why would we do this?

heavy metal toxicity testing oligoscanThe world is changing rapidly in multiple ways. So much progress with technology that’s opened our communication and opportunities for learning and growth. But at the same time, too many toxins are being dumped into our air, water, food, soil, building materials, furniture, and more. People are getting more chronic health conditions that are straining our medical system and making it impossible to have a happy, productive, engaging, and fun life.

It used to be that we could rely on our body’s already present detoxification systems. But our bodies are now overloaded and unable to keep up. Lucky for us, we have technology to help us get rid of excess toxins and allow our bodies to heal themselves. We may not have this chance in the future… but we have it now.


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Diet Variation using Ketosis to Lose Stubborn Fat

Diet Variation using Ketosis to Lose Stubborn Fat

Which diet is best….

  • Vegetarian
  • Paleo
  • Everything in moderation
  • Vegan
  • Raw food
  • Ketogenic diet
  • Calorie restriction
  • Low fat
  • High fat
  • High protein/low fat

And which is the best practice?

  • Eat 4-6 times a day
  • Always eat breakfast
  • Eat 3 times a day and no snacking
  • Skip breakfast
  • Eat a light dinner

What did you choose?

What do you think works the best?

A lot of controversy in the news, in the medical arena, in books and magazines… and even among your neighbors and friends!

If we look at human physiology and cell biology we can see that our bodies should be able to adapt to different situations. We should be able to go without food and burn fat for fuel. We should also be able to burn sugar. We should be able to go without certain nutrients for periods of time and still be OK. We should be able to eat a lot one day and none or very little on another day… and still feel great and have good health.

The point is that our bodies, if they are healthy, are meant to adapt to diet variations. If we eat the exact same diet for years on end, our bodies lose the ability to adapt.

That’s not what happens. We often get in a rut of eating exactly the same way every day. Especially people who are trying to improve their health!

You know who you are! You’re wanting to be healthier so you choose a special diet like veganism or Paleo and then stick to it… without fail! And you’re good at it! It often gives great results in the beginning….but then you may find you’re not feeling your best….and you’re wondering why you’re still struggling with health issues when you’ve adopted such a great diet and lifestyle.

First off…good for you for taking charge of your health!

Let’s look a bit deeper into what you could do to improve the situation.

Diet Variation using ketosis to lose stubborn fat

It’s a huge topic… but let’s zero in on fat burning. Many people are looking for ways to get rid of excess body fat, so let’s take this as an example. It’s only an example…but this also applies to improving many other health issues. The best way to lose body fat is to become efficient at burning fat for your fuel (and when you burn fat for fuel, you also improve other health conditions1). Believe it or not, most people aren’t able to do this, and instead, rely on sugar, or glucose for their fuel.

Any efforts at weight loss will not be as effective if you have trouble burning fat for fuel. And I’m talking about losing fat, not simply having the numbers decrease on the scale….. which is often a loss of lean tissue and water and not much fat.

How do you get your body to burn fat?

This will be a process…. it doesn’t happen overnight so be patient and work with yourself! Start with these 2 steps:

  1. Limit the amount of times per day you eat
  2. Reduce carbs

Let’s look at limiting times a day you eat. If you eat more than 3 times a day, start by getting rid of the snacks and eat 3 times a day only. If you find you’re crashing and getting headaches or low blood sugar symptoms… be sure every meal consists of non-starchy vegetables (3/4 of your plate), 3-4 ounces protein (palm sized) and a generous portion of fat. Olive oil, pasture butter, avocado, MCT oil (don’t skip the fat part!). Eating like this should completely get rid of the low blood sugar problem between meals.

Once you’re good with 3 meals a day, start spacing your dinner and breakfast 12 hours apart. If you eat dinner at 7pm, eat breakfast at 7am…. etc. Once this is working well (meaning you’re feeling good with it) start to increase the 12 hours to 14, then 16 hours. This would mean skipping breakfast.

What you’re doing is giving your body a chance to adapt to no food available and have to turn to fat for fuel. A byproduct of fat burning is ketones… and ketones are ideal fuel for our brains. You’ll notice your thinking becomes very clear. This is ketosis…a state where you are burning fat for your fuel.

Caution……. understand that you’re not eating less…. you are eating less often. When it’s time to eat, be sure to eat until you are full. You DON’T want your body to go into starvation mode.

If you have a blood or breath ketone monitor, you’ll be able to measure exactly what’s happening and see your results (see if you’re in ketosis). It will tell you if you’re on the right path or not. We use these ketone monitors with our True Cellular Detox program and you can get them to use at home.

If you don’t use a monitor, you’ll be able to tell you are burning fat because you’ll actually feel BETTER, with a clearer mind… but you’ll also notice stubborn fat disappearing.

Plan 2-3 weeks to get to this state. Some people take much longer (5-6 months) and that could be toxins, infections, food reactions or other excessive stress that prevents the body from moving into this state of ketosis and being able to burn fat.

Here’s the trick!

Once you are able to get to this fat burning mode of ketosis… don’t stay there permanently!

This is the mistake people are making. The ketogenic diet….. a way of eating that gets you burning fat… is very beneficial… but if you stay there and eat this way every day… forever… your body will adapt and your results will stop. You can also create hormone imbalances and create all kinds of other problems.

Then what do you do?

Once you can get into ketosis, you start “diet variation”.

It’s the 5-1-1 rule

For 5 days a week do intermittent fasting (12, 14, 16, or 18 hours of no eating in 24 hours).

Choose one day a week to eat higher carb OR higher protein. Eat 3 meals that day. Choose mostly carb or mostly protein. This tells your body it’s not starving. If your body thinks it’s starving it will conserve fat…. that’s why continual intermittent fasting and ketosis can backfire.

Choose another day that’s not next to the carb day and fast for 24 hours. Have your dinner, then fast through the next day and eat dinner. 24 hour fast.

You get metabolic flexibility from eating like this. Your metabolism becomes flexible and able to adapt. It can burn sugars efficiently and it can quickly get into burning fat.

“What do I eat?”

protein, veggies, and healthy fat mealTo start, every meal should contain non-starchy vegetables (3/4 of your plate), 3-4 ounces protein (palm sized), and a generous portion of fat. Olive oil, pasture butter, avocado, MCT oil (don’t skip the fat part!).

It’s the same way of eating that you’d do to reduce insulin levels.

You won’t get into ketosis (fat burning state) by eating pasta, grains, bananas, and starchy veggies like winter squash. You’ll eventually get back to those foods by eating them on your weekly carb day. Just say goodbye to them for these weeks while you’re getting your body to transition to fat burning (ketosis).

The key to long term success is diet variation. Did our ancestry eat the same diet all year… the same every day? Of course not. Seasons changed and the diet changed. Sometimes food was not available. Sometimes plentiful. Their bodies were forced to adapt… which led to metabolic flexibility…. which leads to a high level of health.

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2nd Step to Stubborn Fat Loss

2nd Step to Stubborn Fat Loss

Detoxification to address stubborn fat loss

You should know enough about reducing your insulin at this point to get yourself started down that path. You can address the 2nd step of detoxification for the purpose of stubborn fat loss as well as overall health improvement at the same time you’re working on reducing your insulin level if it’s high.

2nd Step is Detoxification

It’s quite a big topic and I’ll just be outlining information in this post. The studio has great programs on detoxification such as the Intense Detox using shakes and a special diet, the infrared sauna, the ion cleanse and we’ll soon be launching a very effective program called “True Cellular Detox” which works at the level of your cell.

It’s important to note that there are many forms of detoxification. It depends what substance you’re getting rid of and where it is. It also depends on if you’re really, really sick and need a more aggressive method to get you feeling better… or if you have good general health and want to stay that way by doing gentle detoxing on a regular basis.

To put it into perspective, one of the most gentle ways to start detoxification is to increase your intake of vegetables. Just doing that will help your body get rid of toxins. If you’re thinking that detoxing is uncomfortable or drastic or even dangerous, know that you could simply start by increasing vegetable intake.

Another way to start detoxing better is to remove as many toxins in your environment as you can. It really is not a detox method, but is the most important first step. It’s not helpful to do programs to eliminate toxins when you keep adding them back in!

One more easy way is to choose a morning breakfast shake that includes cruciferous vegetables (cooked and cooled). We recommend the UltraCleanse BODYSHAKE as the base of your shake because it contains nutrients to help your liver process toxins, it’s very gentle and does not produce “detox reactions” and people LOVE the taste.

And lastly, opening your “channels of elimination” is also gentle without detox reactions. Your channels of elimination are your kidneys, colon, lungs, lymph, and skin. Each of these organs help you to get rid of toxic byproducts processed by your liver.

stubborn fat loss

Opening your channels is simply a way to help your body work better. Your body already has ways to get rid of toxins… this is helping that process.

Quite simply “opening your channels of elimination” means

  • Drinking plenty of water to flush your kidneys.
  • Doing what it takes to poop at least once per day or ideally 3 times a day if you eat 3 meals a day.
  • To get lymph moving you MOVE your body and/or do skin brushing.
  • You BREATHE deeply to allow your lungs to blow off toxins.
  • Do skin brushing and saunas (sweating) to allow toxins to leave through your skin.

Lifestyle habits go a long way to improving health. If you’re considering a more intense method of detoxification, all of the above must be already implemented before you start releasing toxins from your cells (they need a way out!).

Why the Problem with Toxins?

The world is not the same as it used to be… in fact we’ve seen dramatic changes in health the last 20 years but even greater in the last 2 years! And the problem of stubborn fat loss has increased exponentially.

One BIG reason is the continued INCREASE in dumping toxins into our precious environment. Over 250 lbs per person per day of toxins are dumped into the US environment. And that does not include pesticides….. so the number is much greater.

The problem is this accumulates in our bodies… our body toxic burden increases and creates health problems including an inability to lose body fat. As we age we accumulate more and more toxins…. maybe it’s not “old age” that’s your problem… but maybe toxin buildup?

And pregnant women pass off over 200 toxins to their newborns. Lead is a big one passed on in pregnancy… so this may be one explanation why so many children are affected with poor health.

What are toxins? 

  • Pesticides/herbicides
  • Car exhaust (benzene, CO, formaldehyde)
  • VOCs (paint, adhesives, cleaning products)
  • Heavy metals (cadmium, lead, mercury, aluminum)
  • Carcinogens (dioxin, radiation, asbestos, vinyl chloride to make plastics)
  • Perc (dry cleaning)
  • Cosmeticsstubborn fat loss
  • Fluoride
  • Plastic food storage
  • Air fresheners
  • Scented laundry detergent, dryer sheets, laundry “scent boost”
  • Take out cups/lids at coffee shops
  • Canned foods
  • Flame retardants in baby clothes, car seats, furniture, beds, and carpets
  • Car detailing, “new car smell”
  • Cleaning products
  • Lawn care chemicals
  • Prescription drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Aluminum cookware, non-stick cookware
  • Antiperspirant
  • Mold (from moldy nuts or moldy living area)
  • Smoked and cured foods, hot dogs, (nitrosamines)
  • Chlorine from your shower and drinking water
  • EMFs: cell phones, electric blankets, computers, TV screens
  • Mercury and aluminum in vaccines, mercury in fillings
  • Lead in pipes and leached from bones
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Food additives: artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colorings, other food chemicals

We encounter these things every day… they are part of a “normal” modern lifestyle.

But what’s happened is it’s become “normal” to be diabetic, obese (and struggle with stubborn fat loss), autistic, depressed, anxious, have joint pain, headaches, “hormone trouble'”, unable to sleep, unable to digest food properly….. most of us have problems with at least one of these items and know other people who suffer with a multitude of these.

It’s very sad that even children are affected by these health problems…. often with no hope in sight.

We can have hope. We have this window right now to improve the situation and take charge of our health. We may not have this opportunity later… but we have it now! So let’s learn what we can realistically do to improve our health and more easily lose that stubborn body fat… because I’m telling you… it CAN be done and you are no exception!

How do toxins affect stubborn fat?

stubborn fat lossMany toxins are stored in your fat cells. Fat all over your body, but also your brain because your brain is mostly fat. Fat is a safer place for toxins to be rather than your blood stream so when you get exposed, they are in your blood for a short period, then get stored away in your organs and fat (also in fatty liver).

When you decide to go on a fat reducing plan, if you’re quite full of toxins… and most people are…. your body is very smart and decides it would be unsafe for you to release those toxins into your blood stream…. so it hangs on to the fat to keep the toxins stored away.

And you get frustrated because you’re trying as hard as you can and thinking you’re doing everything right but the weight does not come off.

Another problem is that the toxins “clog up” the receptors on your cells. You have receptors that receive the messages from your hormones. Your hormones float around in your blood stream, then attach to a cell, and then give it a message to tell it what to do. Your hormones govern your body processes.

When the receptors are malfunctioning because you’ve got toxin interruption, the cell doesn’t receive the healthy message… and you suffer health problems including inability to lose body fat.


Your insulin may now be in a healthy range, but it cannot give your cells the right message… so you remain insulin resistant.

You may have plenty of testosterone and estrogen, but if those receptors are out of commission, your sex hormones cannot get the messages to your cells.

Same with thyroid hormone. You may have enough… your lab tests are normal, but you have low thyroid symptoms because your cells cannot receive the thyroid hormone message…. and taking more thyroid hormone as a medication doesn’t help either!

Once the toxin load is reduced and your cell membrane receptors shift back to normal, your hormones all start to work better.

When you reduce toxin load in a safe and rather slow process, your body will know it’s safe to let go of fat and your problems with stubborn fat loss diminish.

What else?

Not only does an excess toxin load make it nearly impossible for stubborn fat loss, but it also causes a host of other problems such as:

  • Acid reflux
  • Back pain
  • Irritable bowel
  • Increased risk of breast and colon cancer
  • Memory loss
  • Mood disorders
  • Central nervous system disorders
  • Joint inflammation and stiffness
  • Blurred vision
  • and inability to lose body fat

Hopefully you see a number of reasons to take steps to reduce your toxin load. It helps you get rid of stubborn fat but also improves health outcomes. I’ve really just touched on this important topic… so many other details. I’m hoping to address this in future posts.


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1st Step to Stubborn Fat Loss

1st Step to Stubborn Fat Loss

Stubborn fat can be as little as 5 extra pounds of fat or as much as a few hundred pounds. Stubborn fat seems to just stick to your body and not budge no matter what you do. Most people feel discouraged after dieting, exercising and trying to do all the right things and still have that stubborn fat on the belly, hips, thighs, upper arms, love handles, back… it can be anywhere on your body and it’s different for different people.

The news and magazines promote going vegan, vegetarian, low carb, or Paleo, detoxing, eating more protein, less protein, avoid coconut oil, but eat butter, but only a certain kind… and eat organic food, and then organic doesn’t matter… How do we know what to believe!?

My science and medical background as a Pharm.D. leads me to be more analytical in nature, so when the confusion starts I re-look at the physiology of our bodies. In the case of diets and what we should eat if we’re wanting to lose excess bodyfat, I like to look at the facts of how our bodies work rather than follow the latest fad or simply what worked for someone else. While I’ve found there are no shortcuts to a healthy and lean body, you can make it less terrible, more efficient, and more effective by addressing specific reasons your body holds on to excess fat.

lose bodyfat with lower insulinThe first step is to address high insulin

Most people in this country are walking around with a high fasting insulin level and don’t know it.

The problem?

High insulin tells your body to store fat… almost without regard to how little you eat or how much you exercise. If your insulin level is high, your efforts for fat loss will be in vain… causing disappointment and giving up.

You don’t have to be diabetic to have a high insulin level. In fact, a high insulin level will appear at least 10 years before diabetes is discovered. Knowing your insulin level now (and reducing it) can help you completely prevent getting diabetes in the future.

Get Your Level Measured

To know your insulin level, you’ll get your fasting insulin blood level done at your doctor’s office or order it yourself at Life Extension ( or other online lab ordering businesses. It’s about $30-$40. If you order online, they send you a form to take to your local blood drawing organization such as LabCorp. Be sure it’s a fasting insulin and not blood sugar or hemoglobin A1C.

To have efficient body fat loss your fasting insulin level should be 2-5 mIU/L. The lab normals will indicate 25 is a good level, but that’s an outdated number. Those lab values should be updated to help us all improve our health. A level above 5 will make it difficult for body fat loss. The 2-5 level was chosen as ideal from looking at healthier populations of people. The lab normals in the United States are from average Americans.

What to Do With Your Results

Many people are thrilled to find a reason why they’ve been unsuccessful at losing bodyfat. It’s not to say that this is the only point. But it’s the first point that should be addressed.

If your level is 2-5 and you still have issues with stubborn fat loss, we have more steps to address. We’ll just tick one off at a time.

lower your insulin level with foodIf your level is above 5, start right away eating foods that do not raise insulin levels. It’s simple… but easier said than done depending on what your diet is like now. In general, this means eating protein (eggs, meat, fish, protein shakes) in moderate amounts (no! don’t overdo protein), tons of non-starchy vegetables (think 6-9 cups/day), and plenty of good fats (olive oil, pasture butter, coconut oil, avocado, MCT oil).

Time saving tricks and learning to make food taste amazing is what makes this type of eating completely doable for longer periods of time. When you’re faced with a decision  whether or not a food will be good for you…. ask yourself if it will raise your insulin level. If the answer is “yes’… that food will not help you while you have this goal of reducing your insulin level.

Once your insulin level is 5 or below, start to add back in fruit and starchy veggies. It’s important to know that food choices are determined based on what you are trying to accomplish….

Good health?

Short term pleasure?

Bodyfat loss?

Decreasing insulin level?

Cancer prevention or treatment?

Keep in mind always that your choices of food give you specific results.

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Scary Group Fitness Classes

Scary Group Fitness Classes

The thought of going to a group fitness class can be scary and is not appealing to most people. Visions of fit young people who all know what they’re doing…. except you! You can’t move and bend like that. You feel fat and maybe older than everyone else. You have no idea what to do. And it all seems silly…. this couldn’t be serious exercise!

Maybe you’re remembering exercise videos you’ve seen or maybe you’ve had an actual experience. If you’ve had that experience or think it will be like that, I empathize! No one should go through that as it can be humiliating! I’ve felt it myself… and I’m an experienced teacher!

If you haven’t been to a club or studio lately, you might not know that much has changed in group classes. Many instructors have been trained to teach to all levels and to give options in class for people with back trouble, knee pain, shoulder trouble or other problems which are very common these days. Gone are the days of high impact jumping with leg warmers and fancy choreography. You’ll find a more health oriented approach in group exercise classes than in the past (but still fun!!)

Here is what you should expect if you attend a well run group fitness class:

  1. The instructor should ask your name and welcome you to the class. Maybe even introduce you to another class member. The instructor should ask if you have any physical difficulties that the class would impact… then give you brief directions for how to handle that.
  2. The other class members should appear friendly and welcoming. This is a direct result from how the club or studio is run. The studio management should be fostering an inclusive environment and you’ll pick up on that right away. If it’s there, it will feel good to you. If you feel left out and lonely, something is not right. It’s not you.
  3. Once the class starts, you should feel like you can follow what’s happening. The instructor’s voice should be pleasing and easy to hear and understand what they are saying. If you are completely confused through the whole class, it’s not you. It’s the instructor.
  4. You should feel like the intensity and difficulty of the exercises is just right for you, whether you are very fit or a beginner. It’s the instructor’s job to assure that beginner to advanced people are doing the right options for their abilities.
  5. You should feel challenged physically, but also feel some fun and excitement. It should feel like the time goes by quickly and you never get bored.
  6. As you leave, you should feel a sense of success…”I did it!”

I often hear people say that they need to get in better shape before they show up at a class. Realize that the reason for the class is to get into shape. Don’t wait. If you don’t want to see yourself in the mirror, choose a spot where you can’t see yourself. People are much more supportive than you may think. People get inspired to see a new person in class. They remember their own first class and remember how hard it was for them to walk into that room.

A group fitness class may seem like a big social event, but it’s really a time for you. No need to be all social and extraverted… most people are not. They’re normal, regular people with the same issues you have. During class, you can go internal and challenge yourself. The instructor’s voice is just there to guide. But it’s really about you and your own awareness of your body and what it can do.

The beauty about being in a group is the motivation. The group format gives you a structure and you’ll do far more in a group than on your own…. you simply feel more motivated.

The key is to find the right gym, fitness center or studio that offers classes with the above points. If you land at one that doesn’t work, try another.