Chemical Scent Policy

We are happy to offer a chemical scent free environment as you do your workouts…. helping you to breathe freely and easily. 

You are the reason we can offer this clean air quality. We ask that everyone refrain from using fabric softener, scented laundry detergent and dryer sheets.

This includes scented body sprays, perfume and cigarette smoke on clothing. 

We understand this may appear as rigid. However, we specialize in providing a healthy environment for people and air quality is critical. It’s not meant to exclude or offend anyone. It’s just the environment we provide. And thank you for your consideration of these ideas. 

artificial chemical scents not allowed in the studio


Why Avoid These Scents?

Those chemicals are more than a smell. They are harsh chemicals that aggravate asthma, give people rashes, disrupt hormones and more. Maybe you are not bothered by the chemicals, but many others are.

Almost the same for cigarette smoke.

Though body odor is not a health hazard for others, it can ruin an experience for people. Please change into clean workout clothes and socks before your class, and use the hot towels to freshen up.

Your attention to cleanliness and good hygiene shows respect for others and will dramatically improve the experience for your class members and your teacher.

Many people who come to the studio want to have a productive, fun life…. and you cannot have that when you’re giving yourself a 24/7 around-the-clock dose of chemicals…. in your clothes and in your sheets at night.

Your skin is a fabulous delivery system and that’s why many drugs are delivered through the skin.

This is no different.

It’s super easy for laundry soap chemicals to enter your body through your skin.

The chemicals in popular, current laundry detergent AND dryer sheets are meant to leave a film on your clothing (and bed sheets). It’s designed to NOT wash or rinse out. You put on your clothes and now you have these chemicals crossing through your skin and into your bloodstream. In dryer sheets alone there are 19+ known cancer causing agents in the dryer sheets.

What can I wash my clothes with instead?

Many of us at the Studio use My Green Fills laundry detergent and LOVE it… the company also makes a safe sunscreen and insect repellent AND is coming out with clean, effective and safe cleaning products and personal care products. You order these products online.

You go here to sign up and know that you can cancel anytime and the program is HIGHLY flexible. You can get a shipment every 6 months, every 4 months…. there is no pressure or requirement to buy more stuff than you can use. And the prices are lower than what you’re paying now. And you can do everything on their easy website and not have to call and wait on hold. It’s NOT network marketing or anything odd. It’s just an online business.

They offer a few different products… if you’re confused at all… just get the laundry detergent and keep it simple. You can change your recurring order at any time.

Why do we like this so much and think it critical to pass this on to you?

We are not endorsed by the company, and can’t even sell their products in the studio. We choose to use My Green Fills because they really work without the harsh chemicals…

  • It works and gets your clothing clean
  • You get a 1 time shipment of the bottle, then get shipments of only the packet of detergent and you mix it up yourself. You save landfills from excessive plastic and get lower pricing because the company doesn’t ship heavy containers.
  • It contains no harmful chemicals… in fact the ingredients are each listed on the bottle…. not required by law… but this company is transparent and doesn’t hide.
  • For people that MUST have scents, they use essential oils for their scented version.
  • Get it mailed with no shipping charge AND I don’t need to shop at stores and lug around heavy bottles.
  • Supporting businesses that are doing something positive for the world.

You may have already tried “natural” laundry detergents and been unhappy with the results. Most of these types of products are plant based and/or soap based and don’t effectively clean the soil from your laundry… so it’s no wonder you’re dissatisfied. The clothing can then grow bacteria and smell.

Because of these 2 issues… have you noticed that you are now supposed to clean your washing machine? It gets gummed up with the persistent plasticky chemicals that are meant to leave films, and it grows bacteria from most “natural” laundry cleaners (of course not all… but many that are sold in stores and co-ops are kind that really don’t get the dirt out).

Ideally you want a laundry detergent that removes the dirt and rinses it out again all away… not leaving anything for you to have clean out of your washing machine.

This company recognizes that and has developed a multi-patented product that’s safe for you but also works. It’s not only the scents that are the problem…. many other ingredients in popular laundry detergents cause trouble.

I can’t adequately express my gratitude for your fragrances policy. I am terribly reactive to scents, and even more reactive to people telling me I’m just attention seeking when I make these requests. I have been flattened for days after sitting through a concert, for example, by someone who didn’t feel properly dressed up without her perfume. Thank you! For validating the issue, and for creating safe space. Really — THANK YOU! — Ann M.