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Our Core Values

How we do business at StudioTimeOut

We master our craft

Carry a mentality of success and outstanding performance
Study, train, practice and perfect our particular craft
Develop skill levels measured as outstanding in the field

We work as a team

Work together with other staff to help clients achieve results
Even though we all work independently, we avoid “working in a vacuum”
We communicate effectively with other staff
Help out to get the job done
Have “team mentality”
Hold our group effort at a higher importance than ourselves alone

We practice consistency and attention to detail

Notice and see the value in small things/details that add to the customer experience
Practice precision and accuracy in each task and we double check our work
Provide a consistent customer experience
Avoid making mistakes due to inaccuracy and imprecision    

We innovate and constantly improve

Look for learning to fuel new ideas and build capability (ourselves, our team and our company)
Appreciate and use feedback from others (peers, leaders, customers, etc)
Engage in problem solving and lead change that increases our ability to help our customers feel better
Thrive in a fast paced, team environment and adapt quickly to change
Are willing to take risks and to consider new approaches to solve problems
We don’t say things like “my hands are tied” or “I cannot do anything about it”
Have a high tolerance for change and we’re not tied to “how we’ve always done things”

We face challenge with optimism

Confront the facts of the current reality while maintaining an undying belief that we will prevail
Present data and propose solutions instead of whining, complaining or criticizing
Avoid victim thinking, knowing that no good comes from helplessness, hopelessness or negativity
Help customers avoid victim thinking, especially when it comes to taking necessary steps to success
Maintain a positive outlook when problem solving
We “roll with the punches” in our entrepreneurial environment
Bring humor and fun to our own lives and to the team to help balance difficulties
Take ownership for getting the right results… and we’re determined to get the best results

We take responsibility for our actions and our lives

Realize our lives and situations are created by us
Plan ahead to maximize success
Make conscious choices for daily routine and habits
Choose to create the lives we want
We don’t blame our circumstances or other people
Avoid giving excuses and stories

We practice authentic communication

Not afraid to give a dissenting voice and speak up
Have a level of comfort with constructive conflict
Raise a concern if something appears to be contrary to company core values; we’re willing to be a dissenting voice to preserve the organization’s integrity
Engage in real conversation with customers and co-workers: no agendas, games or unauthentic personas
Maintain trust by eliminating badmouthing/gossip/backbiting from the organization

We check our egos at the door

Driven to achieve results because of our purpose (no ego) and we do it with confidence (no fear)
Minimize and eliminate “us vs them” wedges
Carefully consider opposing viewpoints, allowing customer needs to take priority over personal opinion
Don’t operate from defensiveness and we don’t put ourselves above the organization
Avoid allowing ourselves to “go through the motions” feeling disconnected to the company vision
Have more concern for our company vision than about our personal image
Move forward confidently but not with arrogance

We do the right thing

Embrace a high standard of ethics that strengthens the company’s integrity
Apply a “do the right thing for the customer” filter when prioritizing or making trade off decisions
Support others in doing the right thing and we speak up when something appears to be the wrong thing 

We speak with impeccability

Talk clearly and precisely
Speak with truth, confidence, sincerity and responsibility
Choose words that reflect and reinforce the company vision

fitness pilates jobs Minneapolis MN


Are you a successful Pilates Instructor with a demonstrated success in keeping your schedule full of private lessons and full group reformer classes wanting to help other instructors do the same?

Do you have proven leadership qualities you can implement to lead a team to success?

If so, you’re in the right place.

We’re expanding our Pilates Studio and looking for someone to lead the expansion.

This is a full time position where you are responsible for the expansion of the Pilates program

We need you to be a quick learner and success oriented to achieve results

The Pilates Director position has high expectations. But if you’re the person we’re looking for, you’re the type who gets motivated by high expectations.


Leading the Pilates instructor team to success with full schedules, increased revenue, happy Pilates teaching staff and happy clients

Integrating all (new and existing) Pilates instructors into the Studio Time Out culture

Integrating nutrition, detoxification and bodywork into Pilates instructors repertoire of services

Teaching new Pilates instructors how to use MBO (our software program) for scheduling and purchases, how to keep their schedules full and meet goals and how to teach workshops

Scheduling reformer classes and keeping them full

Being the Pilates sales professional including conducting sales meetings with potential Pilates clients

Teaching Pilates private lessons, reformer classes and workshops the minimum necessary to stay in contact with the practice.


You’ve been successful at keeping a full schedule of clients because you’ve mastered the art of teaching pilates to get people results

You’ve overcome at least one major difficult situation in your life

You’ve done something significant to improve your health or lifestyle and you’re still doing it

You regularly take action and make positive changes in your life

You’ve demonstrated success as a leader


You are results oriented

You have a habit of learning outside of work for continual growth

The studio core values match yours

You hunger to learn new information and apply it

You have a passion for teaching and sales

You are able to learn about and apply nutrition practices to help Pilates clients get optimal results from their Pilates lessons

You have a true interest in the wellbeing of other people


Opportunity for personal and professional growth

Be surrounded by successful people

Get support and help with leadership and management training

Work with kind, talented, hard working and knowledgeable Pilates instructors who enjoy working together as a team

Manage a Pilates studio where the equipment and space is kept clean, fixed and updated

Opportunity to apply nutrition, detoxification and bodywork to get clients optimal results


To grow our Pilates business we need a competent leader for the department. Pilates practice is life changing for clients. We can make a bigger impact with a larger program complete with highly trained and successful instructors.   

Sound good? We want to learn more about you!



XX JeanneMarie