We want a good experience for everyone and believe a clean, well-run environment is important. We hope you appreciate the consideration to you and your space!

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Location: We are located at 6015 Lyndale Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55419, right across the street from Bachman’s, and 4 blocks north of Highway 62. The entrance is on the south side of the building, up the stairs.

Arrival and Departure: For your first class arrive 15 minutes or more before your class starts. For ongoing classes, arrive at least 5-10 minutes before class. If the class has a wait list, your spot will be given away 5 minutes before class if you are not here. If your class has equipment set-up, arrive early enough to be completely set up by starting time. If you must leave early, notify your instructor before class and set up near the door to ensure as little disruption as possible.

Parking: There are 3 areas to park – the upper lot, the lower lot, and along 60th St. Please do not park in Northern Brewer or Bachman’s. Our entrance is closest to the lower, long lot on the South side of the building.

Photo: We get your photo during your first visit. Your photo is private on our studio check-in system.

Signing In: When you arrive, sign in for class on the iPad located in your class room. If you’ve pre-registered, scroll to find your name and click “Check In”. If not, click “Sign Up” to add yourself to class.

Class Packages: You are responsible for knowing the expiration date of your class package. It’s easy to see on your online account. Class packages are not refundable or extended.

Respect: Studio TimeOut is a community. Be respectful of others’ space and help welcome and make room for others.

Cell Phones: Must be on airplane mode or powered down in all studios. Not merely on mute. Powered off. Consider leaving your phone in your car and giving yourself a break away from your phone when you enter the studio.

Class Schedule: Use the website or mobile app (Studio TimeOut App on Android or iPhone) to check the schedule and register for classes. 

Class Reservations: You have 2 choices:

  1. Use the online scheduling system to reserve your spot
  2. Don’t schedule in advance and simply show up for class.

Scheduling online not only saves your spot, but it helps keep you on track with your exercise goals and helps you get the most from your class package. Anyone pre-registered for a class will get notification if the class is cancelled or changed.

If you cannot make it to your booked class, cancel in advance to free up space for someone else. Cancel by logging in to your scheduling app.

Private Appointments require a 24 hour cancellation notice to avoid forfeiting your payment. This includes Pilates, Gyrotonic, and nutrition appointments.

Group Reformer Classes require a 4 hour cancellation notice (or by 4pm the day before a morning class) to avoid forfeiting your payment and being charged a $12 late cancel and no-show fees.

This cancellation window includes emergencies, unknown obstacles, illness, kid’s illness, traffic, working late, flat tires, etc. A good reason does not waive the late cancel fee. Please do not ask for an exception. Severe weather dramatically affecting travel results in early cancels for everyone involved and you will be notified.

Return Policy: All class, workshops, private lessons and food sales are final. We cannot accept returns on nutritional products as we cannot assure proper storage conditions were in place when out of the studio. Other products such as fitness equipment and books can be returned within 7 days unopened and with a receipt.

Class and Appointment Packages & Expirations: Please choose your class package carefully and mark the expiration date on your calendar. No refunds on class packages.

Class Updates: For important info regarding class scheduling changes and special offers, subscribe to the studio email list. We don’t bombard you with excessive emails, and we never share your email address.

Mobile App: Download the Studio TimeOut mobile app to your phone. You can access the studio schedule, your class schedule, book and buy directly from your mobile device. Find it in the App Store and Google Play for iPhone and Android.

What to Wear:  Comfortable fitness clothes appropriate for the class you’re taking. Yoga pants, sweat pants, t-shirts, and tank tops are all options. Avoid baggy shorts. If you wear shorts, make sure they are fitted or wear tight shorts underneath looser ones.

What to Bring: A mat, a water bottle, and (if your class uses shoes) clean indoor athletic shoes. Also, bring your purse or other valuables with you and don’t leave these things in your car.

Shoes: Remove outdoor shoes when you enter and leave them in the entryway. Only clean indoor shoes, bare feet and sticky socks are allowed on the studio floors. Plain socks are not allowed on the studio floor to avoid slipping, sliding and falling. Shoes worn in from outdoors are not permitted on the studio floors. You’ll appreciate the clean floor for your workouts.

Water: Bring your own water to class in a closed bottle. Better yet, drink water before you come to class so you’re already hydrated when you start exercising.

Equipment: Bring your own mat, and a yoga blanket for any yoga class. We have all other equipment you need for your class (weights, balls, etc.).

Your Belongings: Leave your outdoor shoes in the entryway and change into your indoor shoes (or stay barefoot). Hang your coat up on the coat rack or bring it into the room with you and all other belongings into the room with you… purse, etc.

Scents: We have a strict no chemical scent policy in the studio for the purpose of allowing everyone the chance to breathe clean air. This includes scented laundry detergent, laundry scent boost, scented dryer sheets, scented fabric softener, Febreez, excessive perfume, body spray, cigarette smoke, and excessive hairspray. If you must use these products, you’ll rent a fitness outfit for your use in the studio.

The policy includes chemical scents…… not garlic, onions or smelling like food. Though those smells may be offensive, the chemicals especially in laundry products have caused many breathing and skin reactions with people in classes… necessitating they leave the class. This policy is meant to help provide a clean, healthy environment for everyone.

StudioTimeOut, and the people who work there, have helped me change my life – no exaggeration! Four years ago I attended a nutrition class that was being hosted by Jeanne (the owner) and Lucy (certified health coach). As a woman in her early 50’s I was resigned to the inevitable weight gain I was experiencing – regardless of how active I was and how “healthy” I ate. The basic principles of nutrition I learned helped me begin a slow journey to MUCH improved health. Not just 20+ lbs weight loss, but fewer digestive issues and increased energy and well being. THEN I began attending group exercise classes and discovered Nia. Nia combines movement and music in a way that is truly rejuvenating for both the mind, body and spirit! It lifts my mood and grounds me plus it’s a great workout! Most recently I experienced a significant issue with my shoulder. For months I was trying physical therapy and acupuncture to try and decrease the pain and improve my range of motion. Nothing seemed to be working until I began to do pilates with Heidi. She is encouraging, patient and knowledgeable. My shoulder is slowly regaining range of movement and there is significantly less pain! The instructors at this studio are excellent! I’ve belonged to many health clubs and attended tons of group classes and these are absolutely some of the best instructors around. Kendra teaches a number of classes and routinely calls out to help correct our form so we don’t injure ourselves. She also makes class fun with a great sense of energy and humor. Same goes for Lauren – great cueing and energy! My favorite is Nia with Jeanne, the owner. She cues very effectively and concludes each of her classes with some visioning/affirmation work that rounds out the experience and makes me feel wonderful – physically, emotionally and mentally! It is not the least expensive studio to belong to, however it is worth EVERY PENNY! I would honestly recommend it to anyone! — Julie Rasmussen