NIA nia technique classes in minneapolis

Nia addresses your mind, body, emotions, and spirit and uses music and movement to integrate your inner and outer body. It’s a holistic exercise approach grounded in the physical body. It’s one of the best ways anyone can learn to move their body. Nia class is appropriate for people completely out of shape but also for highly trained athletes, dancers and the very fit. The class can be one of the most intense forms of exercise you do, but it can also be very gentle and easy. These various intensities are taught right there in the class.  Wear anything comfortable you can move in.

Nia teaches you how to move with pleasure, not pain. It’s based on 52 specific moves using a specific technique. You learn to move systemically… whole body movement using your spine, rib cage, hips… all your joints. If you feel uncoordinated or stiff, Nia can help you move in a more fluid fashion.

Nia: A Fusion of 9 Different Techniques

Dance Arts: jazz, modern, Duncan

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Healing Arts: Feldenkrias, Alexander technique, yoga

nia classes minneapolis

Martial Arts: taikwondo, aikido, tai chi

I love the Nia classes taught by Jeanne. It is a mind body experience. I am usually reserved and shy about dancing. But I feel disinhibited to dance my heart out in Nia.  – Haliza Nic Hassan



Every Nia class starts with a focus. It’s a mind body class, meaning you have an intention for class. The practice of creating an intention, or focus, helps you bring that practice into your daily life…. helping you create the life you want for yourself.


In a typical Nia class at Studio TimeOut you’ll experience a variety of moves … slow, quick, smooth, choppy, big movements and small movements. You’ll reach high, low, you’ll rotate, turn, twist, bend, flex, shake, rattle, stretch, lean, look up, look down, look back and around. Nia stimulates your senses and nervous system and you feel alive. Every bone and muscle gets a chance to move.


Besides bone and muscle, Nia stimulates your fascial system……. the webbing that covers your muscles, nerves, organs…… creating your body shape and holding up your bones!. Your fascia can become thick and sticky and web-like in a dysfunctional way…..sticking your organs together, making you stiff and causing pain. This happens with inactivity or with limiting, repetitive movement. In Nia you move in all planes…stretching between your ribs, deep in the hip muscles and throughout your spine. Regular Nia movement helps you keep your fascial system pliable and supple……creating a healthier body with less or or no pain.