Tabata classes at Studio TimeOut are one of the most effective ways to get in shape. Also known as high intensity interval training (HIIT), it’s a workout everyone can do. If you’re out of shape or new with exercise, your instructor will give you modifications and encourage you to take it a notch down. The best part is you get in shape fast without spending hours working out. In fact, doing the short, intense bursts is far, far more effective than doing exercises for hours.

Part of what makes Tabata so effective is that it engages far more types of muscle fibers than conventional cardio exercise, such as jogging or aerobics. The super-fast twitch fibers are packed with mitochondria and increase your growth hormone production. Growth hormone is important for strength, health, and a long life, and also improves insulin sensitivity, increases fat loss, and increases muscle growth. The super fast twitch fibers are 10 times faster than slow fibers (which are the muscle fibers used in running, aerobics and even marathon running), and activating the fast twitch fibers in Tabata is the key to producing growth hormone.  


You’ll work in short intervals… meaning you’ll do an exercise as hard as you can for 20 seconds, and then rest for 10 seconds x 8 cycles… total of 4 minutes. Then you’ll rest for 1 minute and get ready for the next set. Depending on the class, you’ll do 3-8 of those 4 minute cycles.

Is this all you do for a fabulously healthy and attractive body? Of course not. In between Tabata workouts we recommend Pilates Mat or reformer, yoga, Small Ball Release, Restorative and and Aerial Stretch to improve posture, attend to tight muscles and fascia and to help with recovery. Walking and moving every day is good for everyone. If you’re thinking you need long hours of running and other cardio, take a good look at your body. Do you still have extra body fat…. say, over 20%? Do you look puffy? Do you need to “diet” to keep your weight down? If so, consider the high intensity, short bursts of Tabata and see how your body responds. HIIT workouts for women are often the most effective way to change body shape.

If you don’t know your body composition or body fat percentage, sign up for a BIA ($35) to get your accurate numbers. It includes an in-person or phone 15 minute explanation of your results. The most intriguing yet most misunderstood part of all-out-burst training is the shift in hormones that assists your body in becoming a more efficient fat burner while maintaining or even building muscle mass. By hormones, we’re talking about insulin, glucagon, cortisol, testosterone and growth hormone. The short burst training moves these hormones in the direction that helps you become a better fat burner while maintaining muscle.

The other exciting part is the improvement in parasympathetic recovery… resulting in numerous overall health benefits. The parasympathetic nervous system is our “calm down” nervous system… opposite from the “fight/flight” nervous system. The more effective we are at shifting into the parasympathetic system, and decreasing stress, the better our health. This means your body makes some really important changes inside to help you become healthier. It’s a completely different mindset from the idea of exercising hours and hours, leaving you stressed and tired.

Of course, you must eat in a supportive manner to assist this change, and none of this has to do with a starvation or deprivation diet, or exercising hours on end to burn calories. We know that does not work. Soon you’ll find yourself with energy for everything you want to accomplish, a good mood and great focus, and an amazing body. People will look (at you!)… and ask what you’ve been doing right.

StudioTimeOut is the only place I have found a Tabata program that is consistent and offered regularly. The program is wonderful and the staff even better. The environment is inviting and friendly. I highly recommend this studio and the tabata in particular. — Anonymous

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T A B A T A ! Love it & hate it but it sure does the job! Energy, toning and strength. — Anonymous