New Class! Group Cycling!

This will be a great exercise option for people with shoulder or other joint trouble that prevents you from jumping. We plan to teach the classes in a way that’s inclusive of everyone. Not competitive and not intimidating!

What is RPM?

RPM is an indoor cycling class set to the rhythm of motivating music. Based on the sport of cycle racing, RPM uses a series of stimulated climbs and sprints to create a workout where YOU control the intensity — it’s literally easier than riding a bike.

Instructors will show you all the basic cycling moves like

  • standing up
  • sitting down
  • changing hand positions
  • speeding up
  • slowing down

You control your own resistance level and sprint speed so you can build up your training level over time. If you’re new to cycling, start off with just part of the class and slowly work up to the whole hour class.

You’ll leave with a sense of accomplishment and euphoria, ready to come back for more.