Is coffee healthy or not? It’s not a simple answer. It depends on coffeecartoon1

  • The coffee you choose
  • How your body responds to coffee
  • How much coffee you drink
  • How you drink your coffee (Venti, Half-Soy, Nonfat, Decaf, Organic, Caramel Chocolate Brownie, Vanilla, Double-Shot Gingerbread Frappuccino, Extra Hot With No Foam, Extra Whipped Cream?)

Coffee isn’t for everyone

Reasons to not drink coffee:

  • You don’t respond well to coffee or caffeine
  • It’s acidifying
  • Acid reflux
  • Overstimulation of the adrenal glands
  • Insomnia
  • Pesticides

Health Benefits of Coffee:

  • Has more antioxidants than most any other food
  • Smelling the aroma of coffee lowers stress levels
  • Helps prevent and retard the advancement of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease which affects about 20% of the US population and is increasing.
  • Can reduce depression (increased neurotransmitters?)
  • Can reduce chance of getting skin cancer (antioxidants?)
  • Increases athletic performance
  • Decreases risk for type II diabetes
  • Can delay onset of Alzheimers
  • Less likely to have Parkinsons, Alzheimers and dementia
  • Protective against liver and colorectal cancer
  • May increase blood pressure at first, but with regular use blood pressure returns to baseline
  • No evidence that coffee drinking increases risk of heart disease
  • Coffee drinking is associated with lower (20%) incidence of stroke and lower overall death rates


If you drink coffee and you feel bad, nervous, jittery, can’t sleep, get acid stomach or any other bad effects, coffee may not be for you. If you’re using coffee just to make it through the day, that’s not a good sign. If you’re drinking, say, 8 or more cups per day, it may be a sign of too much.

If you don’t get negative effects, coffee has numerous health benefits, as long as you choose a good, clean, organic coffee and drink it either black or with healthy additives.

Our studio promotes a special coffee fused with ganoderma. The acidity of the coffee is reduced as ganoderma is one of the most alkaline substances available. People who have trouble with the acid stomach can easily drink the ganoderma coffee with comfort.

The ganoderma enhances immunity and is a helpful substance against some types of cancer. Ganoderma decreases inflammation through a well researched mechanism of blocking the induced, harmful nitric oxide produced by macrophages (immune cells). This type of nitric oxide is inflammatory to the arterial wall. The ganoderma blocks this inflammatory action.

Ganoderma is an adaptogen which means it can be calming if the body needs calming. The result is people who normally get jittery from coffee don’t get that effect when it’s combined with ganoderma.

People often comment they feel a longer lasting, smooth energy from coffee with ganoderma. They don’t experience the dramatic rise in energy followed by a drop.

If you use ganoderma, be sure it’s organic and be sure it’s 3rd party tested to assure you are getting what the label says.

10 Ways to Make Your Coffee Healthy:

  • Choose coffee with no pesticides, organic is best
  • Add cinnamon and/or organic cocoa powder
  • Add Chocolate or Espresso Dynamic Greens
  • Add stevia if you want sweetness
  • Add coconut milk to make creamy
  • Or drink black
  • Avoid any sugars/syrups including natural sugars, fake creamers, milk, sweetened almond milk, GMO soy milk
  • If you choose decaf, get one that uses a non-chemical based method of decaffeination. The “Swiss Water Process” is a patented method that does not use chemicals. Most decaf coffees are chemically decaffeinated, even if it says “Naturally Decaffeinated” right on the container.
  • If you use coffee filters, use unbleached filters. The white ones are bleached with chlorine which ends up in your coffee.
  • Don’t overdo coffee drinking. Keep it moderate.


Something Special for March 2014!

It’s a Healthy Coffee Challenge for the month of March 2014. Anyone can participate… you don’t need to go to classes at the studio to join the challenge.

What is it?

Drink one cup of ganoderma coffee every day for one month and see how your health improves. For most people, you’ll simply substitute this healthy coffee for what you’re currently drinking. Watch for:

  • Better energy without jitters and crashes
  • Better sleep
  • Improved focus
  • Improved mood
  • Possible weight loss (yes, it could happen in only one month)
  • If you get reflux from other coffee you’ll see this lessen or disappear
  • Improved ADHD symptoms (in kids too with the hot chocolate)
  • Decreased stress

Tell us what you experience with the coffee. Get the ganoderma coffee at the studio or contact us at 612.866 0832 and we’ll send you a box.

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