A healthy green smoothie that’s a favorite in our Nutrition Series. If you like vanilla, you’ll love this one! smoothie greenSuch an amazing way to hide kale right there in your shake! For kale lovers, add more, otherwise just those 2 leaves will give you the added nutrition without the vegetable taste.

As always, we recommend the Vitamix because of its outstanding ability to chop the ice but also the kale into teeny tiny pieces that are easily absorbed….. giving you a nutritin boost!

The Sun Warrior Blend combines pea, carnberry and hemp protein. Ideal for people with dairy and soy allergies or intolerances. Also ideal because the Sun Warrior brand does not include other ingredients such as sugar, coloring and other additives.

Be sure to use the full fat, organic coconut milk and not the coconut milk in the cardboard containers. Low fat is not the way to go.

Green Smoothie


1 c water

1/4 c canned coconut milk

1 scoop vanilla Warrior Blend (protein powder)

1/4 c raw almonds

1 tsp vanilla extract

2-3 packets NuStevia NoCarbs Blend

2 leaves of kale

Ice (2 c)


Blend all ingredients (except the ice) in Vitamix or blender until kale is completely chopped. Then add 1-2 cups of ice

One serving.

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