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I’ve been coming here for over 6 years. They offer a perfect balance of wellness for my whole self. The workouts are amazing. The instructors are always happy, energetic and excellent role models. They have a way of describing each exercise that gives a clear picture in my mind of what I should be doing. Plus, they always give many options in case my 50 something body isn’t up for the more challenging moves. I never feel judged. On the contrary, I believe the people here sincerely want to see their customers succeed in being the very best they can be! I always feel energized and motivated following a workout and really anytime I’m in the studio. I am also a huge fan of the nutrition programs, cooking classes and breath work workshops. Finally, one other thing that has always impressed me is the facility itself. The atmosphere is always clean and alive. There are even almost always fresh flowers in the restroom. Love it! — Kim H.