online exercise videos and nutrition program

Why do the Kick in the Pants

  • The Kick in the Pants membership site can help boost your results during your current exercise program… whether you take classes at the studio or not.
  • It’s online videos you can access anywhere, anytime, on any device… do them when you cannot get to class, have very little time for exercise, or are traveling.
  • Use the nutrition and health info to dramatically improve your results and add convenience to your life.
  • Get out of a cooking rut with tasty, satisfying, healthy (and did we say simple) recipes even your family will love.
  • Even making one small change/improvement in your eating makes a HUGE difference in your health and how you feel. This is not surface stuff. You’ll learn in depth information to help put YOU in charge of your health.

What You Get

  • Over 70 online exercise videos including
    • 4min and 8min tabatas
    • Beginner level exercises
    • Egoscue posture exercises (like the exercises you do at the start of BodyShaping)
    • Isometrics exercise in a chair if you break your leg, have foot surgery, or cannot walk/stand
    • Barre workouts
    • Pilates ab toning exercises
    • Warm ups and cool downs
    • Technique videos
  • 30+ page meal guidelines handbook with “Baby Kick” and “Big Kick” eating strategies. You’ll clean up your diet and get better results from your exercise… while dramatically improving your health.
  • Tons of recipes to go along with the eating strategies.
  • 56 of our BodyBalance Talk radio shows to help you understand nutrition and lifestyle concepts and topics to improve your health (listen in your car or while you get ready in the morning).
  • Cheat sheets, lists, instructional videos, and audios on even more strategies that most people have never heard of… but are easy, available, and highly effective in giving you great results.
  • Access to the private Facebook group to connect with others, build community, and get ongoing support from Studio staff.

All Star Memberships include the Kick in the Pants

Just the Kick in the Pants: 1 year for $199         PURCHASE