Nutritional Supplement Guide

You can find these nutritional supplements in our retail store, and some are available to order in our online store. Our Studio Owner, Jeanne M Schmit, Pharm.D. has researched our products to choose the highest quality of supplements. They are medical grade and third party tested to assure they are free from contaminants such as heavy metals, and that they contain the ingredients the label indicates. We also choose products free from GMO corn and soy.

Dynamic Fruits & Greens 

dynamic greens supplements in minneapolis
One of the best ways to increase hydration. It gets the water INSIDE your cells… leading to improved energy and stamina. Especially great for anyone not eating their 9 servings of veggies per day. A diet high in vegetables is indisputably great for human health. Dynamic Fruits & Greens helps your body reach a healthy pH. Most everyone is too acidic…leading to bone loss, reduction of hormone and enzyme effectiveness and rapid aging. Choose from many delicious flavors.

UltraCleanse BODYSHAKE

Our most popular shake because you feel great taking it. Why? It gives your liver the nutrients it needs for effective detoxification. And that translates to loss of body fat. It also gives people much needed forms of B vitamins and folate you don’t get in other supplements (here’s where you feel your mood improve). People notice they feel better right after starting this shake. The UltraCleanse is perfect to get you back on track quickly after those holiday parties and overindulging. Take the shake for your breakfast after that big party and you’ll start to feel better right away. Mix with only water or make into a fancy shake with ice, chocolate powder, coffee and a good amount of cooked veggies. Just don’t add lots of fruit or sugar. You can even add Dynamic Fruits & Greens.


For women: Get rid of excess disproportionate body fat on hips and thighs and even breasts.

For men: get rid of excess body fat on breasts and helps reverse or protect from prostate problems.

For children: showing signs of too much estrogen. Early puberty in girls, breast development in boys

For all: helps reduce body fat all over your body by cleansing your body of environmental estrogens which make you fat (and lead to poor health).

Estrium assists your liver to metabolize unwanted and harmful estrogenic substances from the environment (our water, the air we breathe, the pesticides on food, plastics and more).

Especially beneficial for any woman with estrogen positive breast cancer or women with genetics that point in this direction.

Crave Control

crave control in minneapolis mnStop your cravings for bread, pasta, crackers, cookies and wine by giving your brain what it really needs….the right amino acids to make you satisfied and happy. The foods you crave make you feel better, right? Those foods are satisfying your brain chemistry so you feel better. The Crave Control feeds your brain the nutrients it should have in the first place. You’ll feel more in charge of what you decide to eat and not ruled by out of control cravings. Take 4 on an empty stomach in the morning and afternoon. Improved mood (less depression and anxiety) is another huge benefit to having the right brain chemistry. Maintain it by eating protein at every meal and snack.


A studio favorite and best seller. Trancor helps your body make more of the calming neurotransmitter called GABA. GABA is low in people who feel they need to drink wine (or smoke). It’s also low in people with anxiety…even very low level anxiety. Trancor doesn’t make you feel tired. You’ll notice better mental focus and an absence of that “edgy” feeling. You’ll lose your NEED to drink wine and instead choose when you want a glass and not feel you HAVE to have it every day.


For Bones, Skin, Hair

Collagen Hydrolysate 
  • Gut healing: Helps reduce gut inflammation for people with irritable bowel and Chrohn’s disease and other inflammatory gut conditions.
  • For bones: Provides collagen for bones (bones are made mostly of collagen). Helpful if you’re concerned about your bone density
  • Provides amino acids for people who have trouble getting enough from food (elderly, sick people, children).
  • Helps with skin, hair and nails. You’ll notice extra growth.
  • Put in water and drink down or put in your shake. It improves shake texture. Use 2-3 heaping tablespoons.
Vital Proteins Gelatin
All the same benefits as the collagen above……except that this one gels up so you use it to make jello or gummies. Ideal for kids or even snacks for you. You can make MaxRelax Lemon Gummies to keep you cool and calm all day and sleep well at night.
RegeneMax Plus
Add to the collagen for better bones and joints. Helps improve cartilage, bones, hair, skin and nails in a different mechanism than the collagen. Putting the two together works better than one alone.
Ossopan 1100
A calcium supplement specifically designed to improve bone density. It’s microcrystalline hydroxyapatite rather than your normal calcium. In addition to calcium and and phosphorus, it contains bioactive growth factors, type I collagen, amino acids, glycosaminoglycans, and a broad range of essential trace elements that naturally comprise healthy bone. Studies with this product show it increases bone integrity significantly more than using calcium carbonate. Women taking hormones and using hydroxyapatite received the greatest bone benefit. Be sure to take vitamin K2 along with this product or any other calcium you may be taking.The K2 will help the calcium deposit in your bones and not your arterial walls or kidney tubules. If you’re taking our vitamin D, you’re already getting vitamin K2. Take 2 capsule daily.


Specific Joint Health

SynvovX Metabolic
Joint support for overweight people who have osteoarthritis. It’s not the excess weight on the joints that is the main cause of joint pain, it’s the inflammatory chemicals that fat secretes that cause pain. SynovX Metabolic reduces leptin, a hormone that’s high in obesity, and reduces inflammatory chemicals secreted by fat cells….. resulting in a decrease in joint pain High leptin in obesity reduces cartilage thickness and results in joint pain. Take 1 twice a day for 1 bottle, then reduce to once a day. It helps even more to add Curcuplex.
SynvovX Performance
It’s hyaluronic acid to the rescue! Hyaluronic acid is often injected into joints. This is a supplement that works in a similar way by stimulating your own body to make more hyaluronic acid in your joints. It improves the lubricating properties of your joints by increasing the synovial fluid. Studies on this product show it significantly improves muscle function and joint mechanics, reduces joint inflammation and effusion, reduces pain and improves joint mobility. Take 2 twice a day until pain gone. Adjust dose down after the pain is gone. Should notice a difference in the first few weeks, even days.
SynvovX Recovery
Works to improve the cartilage in your joints. Glucosamine and chondroitin. What’s different? The source of these ingredients is superior. They are 100% pure without contaminants (a common problem with chondroitin). It has higher bioavailability (meaning you absorb more of it than other products). The chondroitin decreased inflammatory chemicals more than other chondroitin products and this particular chondroitin product is the only one on the market that increases type II collagen. This is the product used in clinical trials due to its high quality. No side effects like ibuprofen and NSAIDs or Tylenol. No drug interactions. Adverse effects similar to placebo. Very safe product. Highly studied to show efficacy. Use this to delay the onset of osteoarthritis and other joint problems where loss of cartilage is an issue. This helps rebuild cartilage. Take 2 twice a day. Works fastest in extremities. hands> knees>shoulders/hips>feet>spine. Plan to take for 2-3 months before feeling benefits.

muscle toning classes in minneapolis mnPronounced (zy’mo bol’ix). Take before and after an intense workout to help your body burn fat and retain muscle (rather than burn muscle which is very common). The branched chain amino acids feed your muscles what they need to maintain or grow and not disappear. As people age…. and that starts in earnest after 30, it becomes more difficult to keep and build muscle. And muscle is the first and most important biomarker in aging. Lose muscle and age faster. It’s a fruit flavored powder you put in water. Drink it down before your workout. Drink another glass in the first 30 minutes after working out…… and no carbs in this time frame…… unless you’re trying to add body fat.

MonoPure Fish Oil

Take 3 times less than normal fish oil! Formulated to have 3 times the absorption and cellular uptake than “normal” fish oil. That means one capsule of MonoPure is equal to taking 3. Omega 3 fish oil reduces inflammation and improves your cell membrane function. Almost everyone has a huge imbalance of too much omega 6 compared to omega 3…leading to inflammation and a disruption of the cell membrane. Fish oil reduces or eliminates depression at higher doses. Most people don’t enjoy taking 6-12 big capsules a day! The Monopure allows you to take 2-3 and get the benefit of 6-9. What else? Cheap fish oil is not a good option. It often contains GMO soybean oil. It also contains mercury from the ocean and was not tested and guaranteed pure. You’re better off discarding it and not taking it at all. Fish oil is not something to go cheap. Go cheap with plastic forks or paper plates…. not fish oil.

Super Immune Boosters

A hidden gem in the studio. Saves you from taking time off work from being sick. Take 1-2 every day through the winter. If you’re exposed or feel that scratchy throat, take 5, 3 times a day to nip it fast. Once you’re sick it’s more difficult to reverse. prevention is key. Expect to go through the winter NOT being sick. This one is safe to take every day.

Magnesium Spray

A must for anyone with cramping muscles. Magnesium deficiency is universal now days due to stress, environmental toxins and eating sugar and processed food. All of these use large amounts of magnesium. Stress is surgery, infections, EMF, lack of sleep, pain in addition to a “stressful” life. Our livers use up large amounts of magnesium as we detoxify the excessive environmental toxins in our air, food and water. It takes a lot of magnesium to process dietary sugar and processed foods loaded with chemicals. So we end up deficient. Magnesium is calming and helps muscles relax. Without enough we can feel anxiety, our muscles can feel tight and can cramp up. We might get headaches from the tension and our blood pressure can rise. The transdermal form of magnesium (the spray) is a faster way to increase magnesium levels than taking tablets. Tablets can be helpful too, but it will take much longer. It’s easy. Shower and follow with the magnesium spray…. on your legs, arms, chest, shoulders and back. Put on a lot. And use it every day or even twice a day when you’re getting started. Use it before bed or after your morning shower.


A must for everyone not eating organic. The pesticides (glyphosate, 2,4-D and Dicamba) create a “leaky gut” by loosening up the tight junctions in your intestinal cells. They should be tight and keep the food inside you gut. The pesticides open it up and allow undigested food to leak into your bloodstream. This creates an immune response…then inflammation… leading to food allergies, autoimmune disease and decreased immunity (you get sick more often). It also leads to bloating, gas, diarrhea, irritable bowel. Restore closes the cell to cell junctions in the gut and helps improve the integrity of your gut lining. Take 1 tsp before meals and snacks.

Liquid Light

A highly effective mineral supplement. Most everyone is low in minerals (from stress, toxins and low nutrient foods). Liquid Light is formulated in fulvic acid which greatly improves cellular uptake of the minerals. The minerals are also in a “natural” combination and form that your body recognizes (rather than a synthetic mixture your body often does not understand how to use. Better mineral status helps 100’s of reactions and enzymes and hormones work better in your body. It’s hard to have optimal health with deficient minerals. People with bone density problems should focus on improving mineral status through Liquid Light, Dynamic Greens and a diet high in vegetables. It’s the acidic state in the blood that leaches out minerals in the bones (to keep the blood pH from getting too acidic). By improving the blood pH you remove a reason for your body to leach minerals from your bones.

ProbioMax ENT

Probiotics for your mouth! Bad breath people… it’s often the bad bugs in there that smell bad. For people with chronic sinus or ear infections. For active problems use 5 a day. Reduce to one a day once the problem solved. Put tablet between your cheek and gum and leave it there to slowly dissolve. Give at least a 7 day trial to populate your mouth with the new bacteria. Give it more time to reach your sinuses and ears.

CurcuPlex 95

Curcumin (turmeric) research is now showing remarkable stress-relieving, anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects in humans. It reverses cell damage from chronic stress. Especially important in the brain where people experience anxiety and depression from stress-induced brain changes. Curcumin also stimulates the formation of new brain cells. One hour after a single dose (1 gram) people scored better on tasks requiring sustained attention and memory. CurcuPlex 95 is formulated for enhanced absorption as curcumin itself is poorly absorbed. General dose is 500mg (1 capsule) twice a day.

Oceans Alive
Made of exceptionally high quality phytoplankton that feed your mitochondria (the energy factories of your cells)
  • Joyful mental energy
  • More power to make it through the day
  • Promotes healthy DNA expression
Oceans Alive does not taste or smell good to most everyone at first. Start with 2 drops in water and increase to 15 drops. Keep doing it and you’ll find your body craves it. It provides the most complete, pure nutrition for your cells. Stick with it for at least a few months as your cells turnover and make new healthy ones.

Magnesium and calming amino acids to calm your nerves and help you relax. Cherry flavored powder you mix in water. Helps you sleep better and also helps you deal with stress and stay calm under pressure. It works by helping your body make neurotransmitters that support a good mood.



Organo Gold
bulletproof coffee in minneapolis mn
Benefit is for people who are normally bothered by coffee with headaches, the jitters or an “acid stomach”. It’s infused with Reishi mushroom to remove those bad effects but also to add health benefits. We often serve this in the studio mixed with Chocolate Dynamic Greens to make a rich mocha.
It’s guaranteed to NOT have mold. Most coffee has mold and it’s a problem for many people. If you react poorly to coffee it’s likely it’s from mold and not necessarily the coffee itself. The company takes great efforts in the way they handle the beans to not alow mold to grow. Drink it as you normally or make “Bulletproof Coffee” using the recipe near the product (otherwise known as “butter coffee”. It’s helped many people in the studio lose extra bodyfat  and at the same time really increase brain power from the special oils in the coffee.