Jeanne and Tom O’Bryan

I’m in this photo standing next to Tom O’Bryan. He is not employed by the clinic…but he led our group…giving talks and being available. Tom is a health practitioner and has written a number of books…and has a website at He was here with us with his wife Marzy. Tom has been on a path of educating people on the negative aspects of gluten for a number of years.

He teaches that no human can digest gluten. It causes the cells in your gut to get inflamed and opens the tight junctions between the cells….allowing leakage. 80% of people don’t feel this happening….. but the leakage causes problems in other parts of your body …your joints, headaches, thyroid problems, mood problems and more.The people that feel the problem are often the lucky ones. When they eat gluten it hurts… gas, bloating, diarrhea…gut problems! Those people make the connection and stop eating gluten and start to heal.

Others don’t make the connection because their belly doesn’t hurt…so the problem seems like it’s not there. A great idea is to eliminate all wheat for a few weeks and see what happens! We regularly have people in the studio do this and find their joint pain disappears.

Petra and Jeanne

Petra and Jeanne

A photo of Dr Petra and me. Dr Petra is the doctor who runs the clinic. She has been doing this for over 25 years. She started as a conventional doctor in Germany and did not like that the cause of the problem was never addressed …and the solutions they used (drugs and surgery) never really got people to a healthy state (similar to US?).

She was asked to come to Paracelsus and started the program here. She and her husband Ulf left Germany and donated their home to serve as an orphanage. Petra and Ulf are very gracious people who truly care about the well being of others.

Their daughter Friderike is also a doctor here. She has a 2 year old (Leo) and another baby on the way. She is bubbly and super healthy looking…in addition to a very good doctor.

In addition to the treatments I’ve been writing about, they use a lot of homeopathics here…. in infusions, injections…and oral.


Pads off in the morning

The first week we had these pads called “VitalPhlaster” to put on our feel at night…and remove in the morning. They drew out toxins from the bottoms of our feet….maybe similar to the ion cleanse? It felt satisfying getting up in the morning and seeing all this goo on the pads!

Dining room where we had all our meals

The food we had was quite good. All organic (it’s called biological here). We get a HUGE variety of vegetables. Lunch is a buffet full of various vegetables and greens. I like to put flax oil on the salad and top it with sunflower seeds. After the salad, another course was always served at lunch. Lunch is the largest meal of the day here.

Dinner is cooked food..starting with an appetizer made of vegetables (this was often raw), followed by a vegetable pureed soup, then the main course of vegetables cooked.

Life Changing Bread

Breakfast was a buffet of cheeses, sheep yogurt, porridge, cooked fruit and 3 different gluten free breads we could toast. I liked the one called “Life Changing Bread”. I liked to toast it and dip it into flax seed oil. They get the flax locally and make their own oil. The “Life Changing Bread” is almost all seeds. I”ll be sure to share the recipe. It’s great for people transitioning off wheat and gluten… or for people eating a keto diet who want a special bread on their carb day for diet variation.

Tonight (Saturday night) we have a special gala dinner. We had it last Saturday as well. It starts with live music at 6:30pm, then dinner at 7:30. Last Saturday the piano player was outstanding and played music very inspiring to dance to…so of course David and I got up and danced. A 4 course dinner was served at 7:30 culminating in an entire buffet full of desserts… all made without gluten and sugar. One with various fruit was my favorite. I decided for tonight I will pass on some of food before to allow for room for desserts!

Jeanne and the mountains

Tonight we have a famous musician and composer who has been performing and composing for over 50 years! He has composed for a number of movies in the US. Petra and Ulf asked David and I to dance for everyone tonight along with the beautiful music. So we’ll see how that goes!

We leave here tomorrow morning at 8am…landing in Minneapolis at 8:10pm. I’m happy to come home! This has been a wonderful stay here. I feel more healthy…difficult to say exactly how….but I notice a change. I do miss you all at the studio. I’ve been following along with the staff at work through the last 2 weeks. The time change of me being 7 hours ahead has been beneficial….like I can stay ahead!!!

I have so much more to share….but must get ready for the gala tonight!

See you soon!





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