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David on our room balcony

Our 2nd week of health improving treatments starts today. David and I are here at the Paracelsus Clinic in the Swiss Alps.

Our first week was focused on liver detoxification. It involved eating a diet that supports liver health, many various treatments, and walks/hikes outdoors. The culmination was a gallbladder flush on Thursday night. We all made it through and had a gala celebration on Saturday night.

We’re here with a group… we all arrived last Sunday and went through the week together. Some stayed for only the first week. 8 of our group is staying on for this 2nd week where we’ll focus on our individual issues. A brand new group of 16 arrived yesterday… getting started with their liver detox!

It’s been quite the journey so far. Right now I’m getting ready for a morning infusion. My week will focus on heavy metal detox… mercury, lead, aluminum, etc.


The sign you see when driving in

The clinic is led by 2 doctors… mother and daughter (Petra and Frederika). A 3rd is joining… a man from Germany. They have about 25 staff members here who provide the treatments, cook, clean, and drive. The staff speak many of the European languages and come from all over. So the language can be a bit challenging for us English speakers!

People come from all over the world to get help with health problems. The focus of the clinic is to help restore the body to its intended state so it can heal itself. When our bodies are over burdened with toxins (heavy metals, pesticides, chemical pollutants, etc), the blood and other tissues cannot do their job. The liver suffers, the blood becomes acidic, our brain doesn’t function well, our kidneys malfunction, and at some point people get symptoms.

The clinic aims to improve the bio-terrain of the body so the blood and organs can get back to working well.

detox clinic

the view from our room

One very useful diagnostic tool they use here is darkfield microscopy where you look at your live blood. Red blood cells should be a specific shape and size and freely able to move. There should not be yeast, bacteria, viruses or crystals found in your blood. Seeing many crystals can indicate your kidneys may have trouble filtering these out. Your white blood cells should be seen cleaning up (because there ARE things in your blood that shouldn’t be there!). They take a drop of blood, put it on a slide and we look at it together and learn about what we see.

If you see red blood cells clumping, unable to move, too small or too large, or shriveled, or lots of crystals or other large objects that should not be there……. something is not right! If you see too many or too few white blood cells… or white blood cells not being active… that’s also not a good thing! We all (in our group) had these abnormalities to different degrees. When this happens, oxygen is not delivered effectively to the tissues and problems happen related to the decrease in oxygen delivery. Abnormalities of the white blood cells can indicate a problem with immunity. We are prescribed treatments here but also supplements and lifestyle practices to do when we leave… to help improve the quality of our blood.

Blood is our lifeforce… and when I see how easy it is to simply look at the blood…. I wonder why this is not done routinely in medical practice. It’s one of the most basic parts of our health… and we can do something about it once we know!

They really focus on the basics here…. meaning looking at the blood… using normal physiology as a guide to how your body should be operating. 

Another basic is measuring the state of your nervous system. Ideally we should be balanced between parasympathetic and sympathetic. Many of us live in the sympathetic state (fight or flight)….. and don’t have enough parasympathetic going on.

It’s in the parasympathetic state where we restore and heal and regenerate. The clinic here puts an emphasis on us relaxing and enjoying and being happy to facilitate the parasympathic state…. so we get the most from the treatments and the time we are here.

detox minneapolis

cloudy morning in the mountains

It’s an example of why it’s best to meditate or relax when you’re doing an ion cleanse or sauna (or any type of healing treatment). If you’re on your computer or cellphone doing work or business and near radio frequency and magnetic fields from these devices, it’s not conducive to a parasympathetic state and your detox will not be as effective… because, again, it’s the parasympathetic nervous system state that is conducive to regeneration and healing.

The mountains are huge and beautiful and we take walks/hikes as much as we can. After the first few days our hips/legs/joints were completely shot from the very steep downhill walking motion! It’s either severe upwards or dramatically downwards here in the mountains! David and I both buckled down with Egoscue exercises to get our weaker muscles firing properly… and it saved the day and we’re doing a lot better.

I think about the studio often…. all of you and your special lives. It’s Labor day today and I see many of you came in to take class with Kendra. It’s very special to have her back teaching fitness classes after the birth of her twin boys. And Liz at the front desk helping and greeting all of you. And Beth teaching special reformer classes and private lessons, and Madeline and Eileen also teaching the group classes. And a few of you coming in for detox with the ion cleanse and sauna. All on a holiday. It’s so great to see so many of you taking time to do something beneficial for your health. I hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday today. Relax, enjoy your company. Eat good food and move your body!


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