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Example of stairways up and down to the rooms

That infusion I had yesterday was for heavy metal detox. It was 2 different chelating agents given IV along with high dose vitamin C. When we get these infusions we’re also given other therapies along with it.

Biophoton, or light therapy, is one of those. People are using light therapy at specific wavelengths more and more for healing and therapeutic purposes. We also get another therapy that helps the mitochondria (the energy producing part of the cell). It take energy to get rid of toxins so this is very helpful!

I got a bit nauseous and had a metal taste in my mouth… all that disappeared after 20 minutes. The chelating agents irreversibly bind to the metals (mercury, aluminum, lead, etc). They also bind minerals so we get mineral infusions on the in-between days.

David still has mercury fillings in his mouth so he cannot do the chelation therapy until those are out. He’ll be doing hyperbaric ozone therapy starting tomorrow. It’s a treatment where your blood leaves your body and is passed through ozone….10 times…before returning back inside. The ozone can reduce bacteria, viruses and mold in addition to other contaminants. It increases micro-circulation which is lacking in many of us. When our tissues have better perfusion, they work better.

detoxification minneapolis

Architecture of the building

It’s such a great environment to be doing these treatments. The treatments are not really pleasant, and they can make us tired or maybe not feel our best. But being right here in the fresh mountain air, being able to relax and be with very nice and interesting people… and eat such clean well prepared meals helps tremendously. Even the water is outstanding. We can drink right from the bathroom sink. It’s clean with no fluoride and chlorine…. just lots of good minerals.

The clinic is 7 stories with all the rooms facing south out over the mountains. The 7th floor is on the bottom so it took me a few days to get used to knowing to go up or down. Our room is on the 4th floor and there are exits to go outdoors from each floor….so each floor can feel like you’re on ground level.

Each day at about 4pm we get our schedule of treatments for the following day.

This afternoon I had a cupping massage treatment. The therapist put 2 suction cups on my back, then took one of them and moved it all around my back in a massaging fashion. Then he parked that one and used the other to massage.

You may recall seeing Madeline with these darkish circles on her back. That’s from cupping …. but keeping the suction cups stationary. She does this on  regular basis. The cupping draws the toxins out from the tissues such as muscle and connective tissue making it easier for the bloodstream to pick them up and remove them. A very helpful thing to do during heavy metal detox.

Laundry drying on our balcony

The facility is very modest. This is not a luxury stay but it works for the purpose! I’m just getting used to the beds as they’re more stiff than I’m used to. The walls are concrete which is actually a good thing to not have toxic building materials. The luxury comes from the beautiful nature and surroundings…. so it works very well. We do our own laundry in the room and dry it on the chairs on the balcony.




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