fitness rewards Minnesota, Pilates classes in MinneapolisDo you ever feel like you can’t engage your abs like the instructor is talking about…… “pull your belly in!” You hear it over and over in class.
Or are you surprised at how little weight you can lift? Or do you lift weights but then you hurt your shoulders or your back?
These are all signs you may need more stability around your joints.
BODYPUMP, BodyShaping, AND Tabata work mainly your large muscle groups… the thighs, the deltoids, biceps, triceps…..
But it’s REALLY important to have strength around your joints. Those are smaller muscles that support joint placement and movement. They’re also the muscles that help you pull IN with your belly and not PUSH OUT.
Pilates is a class that helps you develop good stability and also balance in your body….. meaning you need both flexibility and strength.
Doing Pilates will help your body be stronger in the other classes.

Insider Tips:

  • Come early to be sure you have a space on the floor. Once class is started, if you arrive late, other clients may have to get up and move their mats. So be courteous to them and arrive on time. If you ARE late, call the studio and let us know and we’ll save you a space in class.
  • If you’re new to Pilates Mat it might feel like it’s a really easy class. As you learn more, the class actually gets WAY harder! The more you do it, the harder it gets!
  • Be patient if it feels confusing at first. It grows on you and starts to feel better.
  • The breathing MAY make you feel light headed. Go easy with the breathing at first and use it more as you progress. Your body needs to adjust.
  • Pilates Mat is a long term process. Give yourself about ONE YEAR to feel you know what you’re doing.
  • The ideal way to do Pilates is a combination of mat classes and reformer.
  • If you want to get it faster, seriously consider doing Pilates with a trainer on the reformer. You will progress MUCH faster. Contact Madeline to get started on the reformer as a beginner or ask more questions.