Pilates private lessons on the reformer in our unique South Minneapolis studio is an absolute delight and offers you mental and physical benefits that go beyond traditional exercise.

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  • pilates private lessonsEnjoy a more youthful appearance as your posture improves and you move with more grace and elegance.
  • Pilates private lessons teaches you to “lift up” instead of crumble and slouch down, compressing your spine, ribs and everything else. When you’re lifted, you look leaner, you move better, and you have less or no pain.
  • Pilates private lessons help to “re-train” your entire body…. it’s like taking a college course. Once you get Pilates into your body, it’s your to keep.
  • You gain composure, confidence and stamina. Your focus and concentration improves and you notice your life outside of Pilates improves. Pilates helps you become more of who you really are.


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After 2-3 weeks of private Pilates lessons I noticed changes. My posture was better. My massage therapist couldn’t believe how limber my piriformis was and my chiropractor said I’d lost weight in my back AND I was so much more flexible. I can walk longer now and need less time to recover. I know how to hold my abs in and take the work out of my back. – Pat Soulak

Pilates private lessons If you are new to Pilates, it’s easiest to learn on the Pilates reformer in private lessons or a Beginning Pilates Reformer class. Pilates Mat is the hardest way to start Pilates. In fact, if you are out of shape, have back trouble or other joint trouble, we suggest doing Pilates on the reformer to gain joint stability and address back weakness before doing larger group exercise classes. 

The choice between Pilates private lessons and beginning Pilates reformer classes comes down to your budget. Of course private lessons are expensive, but they are the most effective way to go. If private lessons are not in your budget, consider starting with the beginning Pilates reformer classes. 

To get these life changing benefits, you’ll use all the classical Pilates apparatus and work with a highly trained Pilates instructor. 

I came back to Tabata this week after MONTHS of being absent from it due to my recent focus on Pliates Reformer. I was so terrified to attempt it again after such a long absence. I was BLOWN away at how much more overall strength and endurance I felt during

Tabata after spending months on the Pilates reformer. I felt so many more core muscles kick on during Tabata than I have in the past. It was very exciting to see how the time spent on the reformer is actually impacting me in other ways. It truly does prepare you for crushing every day tasks and providing added strength to do more intense exercises. It was a true test to how Pilates enhances overall, strength, stability and fitness! – Erin Scully