PIlates reformer classesPilates reformer classes offer an opportunity to maintain your Pilates practice in a group format. We offer classes in small groups of 5-6 students who are at the same level in Pilates. The sessions are 8 weeks with classes meeting once a week…with the same students in every class. The small group with the same students at the same level allows the group to progress together. This is very different from “drop in” reformer classes offered at most Pilates studios. That may offer convenience, but you end up with various people coming and going in the class…. all at different levels, making it impossible to progress the group as a whole.

We highly recommend students continue with private lessons even while taking the Pilates reformer classes. Why? The Pilates reformer class is for Pilates practice…not for working on students’ individual challenges with the exercises…and in general not for learning new exercises. The Pilates reformer classes focus on exercises the students have already learned…and the group moves through them. Private lessons focus on your individual issues. Everyone has physical challenges that can be helped with one on one attention. Additionally, students reaching the advanced level will need individual help learning the advanced repertoire which require spotting when learning. Many of the advanced exercises are not appropriate to learn in a group setting. Once you are in a Pilates reformer class we recommend taking at least one private lesson a week to keep you progressing.

Reformer Class Openings

We have reformer classes 7 days a week at various times

All series are 8 weeks, unless noted otherwise

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