Pilates Reformer Classes in Minneapolis

Pilates reformer classes at Studio TimeOut are for all levels from introductory to advanced. Our classes use the reformer, but also the tower and sometimes mat, chair or arc barrel.  Classes run for an 8 week session. Missed classes CAN be made up in another class of the same or lower level. former classes in Minneapolis

Next Series Starts Late February


Note: Avoid being charged the $12 no show fee by cancelling by 4pm the day before for morning classes or 4 hours in advance for afternoon/evening classes. You can make up classes you miss as long as you early cancel.

Intro Series

For people brand new to Pilates Reformer or those wanting a refresher. 
Mondays 5:30pm w/ Madeline
Saturdays 10am with Madeline


For people passing out of the Intro Reformer Series OR taking private lessons and learning the Beginning repertoire.

Tuesdays 10am w/Meredith
Tuesdays 5:30pm  w/Nicole  
Wednesdays 5:30p w/Debra  
Thursdays 9am w/Debra


For people who have learned the intermediate level repertoire in private lessons and have been given the go-ahead to join an intermediate level class by their trainer.

Tuesdays 6:30pm w/Nicole FULL
Tuesdays 7:30pm w/Nicole
Wed 6:30pm w/Beth
Fridays 8:45a w/Brenna FULL
Saturdays 11am w/Beth

Classical Intermediate

For people mastering the classical intermediate series and getting the “go-ahead” from their trainer to enter this class.
Saturdays 9am w/Beth FULL 

Classical Advanced

For people mastering the advanced classical Pilates repertoire in private lessons and getting the “go-ahead” from their trainer to enter this class. 

Mondays 6:30p w/Beth

Athletic Reformer and Jumpboard Toning 

Fun variations on Pilates. Focus on athletic combinations and the use of the jumpboard for a broader experience of Pilates on the reformer and the tower. For anyone beginning level and up. Not recommended for people with joint trouble or anyone needing a lot of modifications.

Mondays 8:15am w/Debra (Jumpboard Toning)
Tuesdays 7am w/Brenna
 (Athletic reformer) (FULL)
Thursdays 10am w/Meredith (Athletic reformer)
Thursdays 6:30pm w/Brenna (Athletic Reformer)


reformer classes in minneapolisIntro

For people brand new to Pilates on the apparatus (reformer, tower). Also for people wanting a refresher after being away for a long time.


Modern style apparatus classes do not follow a set order of exercises. Each class will be different (If you like a set order, choose classical style).

Classical Int/Adv

For students who have mastered the exercises and Pilates principles at the intermediate or advanced level curriculum. The classical style moves through the Pilates reformer order using the classical transitions between the exercises. The latter part of the class utilizes the tower and mat. The classical style reformer class is not the place to address individual issues and so students will not be able to progress without private lessons.

Info on private lessons
Info on Pilates workshops Pilates reformer classes in Minneapolis

I love the reformer series. I’ve just started the intro to reformer and I’m two weeks in. Both Beth and Brenna are wonderful trainers. I’ve wanted to try Pilates for many years, I can’t believe I waited so long. It’s be far my favorite work out experience. Although it’s too early to see physical results, I already feel better mentally and find myself carrying myself better and being more aware of my posture. I really love the mental aspect of Pilates, there is such a great mind-body connection. I’m so glad I found STO. — Tara Videle