Piloxing classes Minneapolis

Pilates. Boxing. Dance.

Get Empowered. Both Physically and Mentally!


The What

PILOXING blends Pilates and Boxing…with a third element of dance into this high-energy interval workout. The class moves through heart-pumping, powerful boxing combinations to sculpting and strengthening Pilates-influenced movement to ‘let yourself GO’ dance releases, and back around again. And you will sweat! If you’re thinking of the quiet and focused floor Pilates Mat moves …this is NOT it in Piloxing. All moves are standing and done to energizing and fast paced music. It’s very athletic focused but everyone…even if you’re not athletic at all…you can do this class. It’s because we give you special options to ease yourself into the moves and strengthen yourself over time. No one is out of place n this class.

If you’re looking for classical Pilates, check out the info on our Pilates page

The Why

Simply put …you’ll love the benefits you get from Piloxing. Your whole body will feel different.. more coordinated, much stronger and able to move faster with control. You see your arms tone up and your back muscle get definition. And on top of all this…you experience mental empowerment from being able to do something you may not have thought was in your realm. You even get an emotional high from moving to fun, energizing and engaging music that just makes you want to MOVE!

Piloxing classes Minneapolis

Piloxing Classes Minneapolis

Piloxing is a new fitness class coming to Studio TimeOut! We chose Piloxing because we know our studio clients like to “feel” the workout and want results. Piloxing is a class for most everyone and you’ll get the best results by using proper technique but also by taking different options when your body needs it. 

Our Piloxing classes are on various days of the week — you can see the schedule of classes here. Piloxing classes are not included in regular class memberships.


Graceful Movements.

Powerful Punches.

This is Piloxing. in Minneapolis

PILOXING changed every part of my life. It built my character and showed me that I was much stronger than I thought. — Antonija Tokić, Croatia

Piloxing classes Minneapolis