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Stress relief at its finest.
Small Ball Release combines meditation and self massage… truly rejuvenating, allowing you to work harder in the toning and cardio classes.
For some people, this is their favorite class. Don’t deny yourself!
  • Choose both the small balls AND a set of the squishier orange balls. You want to AVOID any pain or discomfort. If you have a tender spot, back off and use the orange balls.
  • The WHOLE class should feel good…. even to the point you might want to drift off to sleep. It should be very relaxing.
  • The balls work with your fascia… the tissue found everywhere in your body…. it runs through and inside and around all your muscles and everywhere else. When it’s not hydrated and when it doesn’t move due to inactivity, you feel bound up and tight.
  • It’s the GENTLE movement and reasonable pressure that helps the fascia become more functional… and you feel a freedom and ease of movement.
  • Get your own set of small balls to use in class and at home. Especially pleasant to have your own for face and foot work.
  • Wear tighter fitting clothes. The balls can drag on and get caught up in very loose clothing.
  • If you don’t understand where to put the balls, ask your teacher. She is very happy to help you get the balls in the right place.