Studio Time Out Mini Cleanse


A jumpstart to a cleaner, healthier body.

Unload excess toxins, inflammation, puffiness and sluggishness in a gentle, effective, and easy-to-do format.

detoxification programWho is it for?

Anyone with stubborn fat that won’t go away.  Excess toxins tucked away in fat cells can be a cause of inability to let go of body fat.   People who want to be healthy but don’t want to do drastic measures or complicated programs. People who have been struggling with their health and have not looked at the detoxification component. Anyone with hormone trouble including men. Low testosterone, big belly, man boobs, prostate trouble. Or women struggling with PMS, infertility, too much body fat, big hips, hormone related cancers, anxiety, mood problems. Estrogen toxicity affects everyone with the growing abundance of environmental estrogens. It’s easy to learn simple methods to get those out of your body. Anyone who has completed the 6 week Nutrition Series at the studio. You’ll happily revisit information and learn new while being inspired to take action.    

Fat and Sick…. but Alive

Depression, anxiety, thyroid problems, auto-immune disease, diabetes, skin conditions, and even inability to lose body fat can be caused by or irritated by excessive toxins your body is having trouble eliminating. Excessive toxins stored in fat keep you fat…no matter how much you exercise and how little you eat. If the toxins don’t have a safe way to be eliminated, your body will keep them hidden safe in your body fat…. and you stay fat. Our livers work on overdrive to process the many environmental toxins…. and use up precious supplies of magnesium, taurine and other nutrients so necessary for a calm and focused mind…one that is not depressed or anxious… but also important for our joints, blood pressure, heart rhythms and muscles. We end up with excessive amounts of environmental estrogens that also make us fat. Men become feminized and everyone is at a higher risk for hormone related cancers. Excessive toxins and lack of nutrients get our physiology off wack. Our bodies make changes to adapt to the high levels of toxins.. to keep us alive. That’s good. But we’re left fat and sick….. but alive.

infrared sauna minneapolis

What it’s NOT

It’s not a diet It’s not an exercise program It’s not a weight loss program It’s not a program to diagnose which toxins you have It’s not a specific “heavy metal detox” or any other specific toxin It’s not a fast where you don’t eat It’s not a low calorie diet or a specific cleansing diet It’s not another gimmick that doesn’t work It’s not an 8 or 6 week program. You go at your own pace. It’s not something crazy

infrared sauna minneapolis

What it IS

It’s safe for everyone It’s “mini program”…. a start to a healthier way of living It’s an education on how your body works It’s doable for people with busy schedules It’s easy to do for the rest of your life It’s done on your own time and schedule and pace Do it by yourself… no need to involve your family if they’re not interested If family is interested, easy to incorporate Effective and appealing for teens, men and women…. even younger children too. Do it all or do one little tiny part It’s effective because it makes changes at the cellular level It helps with many conditions because the cause of so many conditions is toxins It’s a program where you become in charge of your own health and make your own decisions.

Who it’s for

Anyone wanting: to feel lighter and cleaner  more alive and alert brighter eyes and clearer, better skin better health a way to improve your health without turning your life upside down a better chance at losing excess body fat by reducing toxin overload a start on addressing auto-immune, thyroid, diabetes and other health issues shoppinggirlssmall

Studio TimeOut MiniCleanse: How Does It Work?

Watch the videos

…on your own time, online. We’ve kept them short enough to make it convenient for you. You’ll find you’ll want to watch them more than once… as they are packed with information… information that’s probably new to you. You’ll find yourself understanding your body and the world in a brand new way. It will take time to integrate the new information. It’s presented in a way that everyone can understand and apply.

Take Action

easy detox programDive right in for a full overhaul or take it one small step at a time. Think of where you will be in 5 years if you don’t take any action. Just taking small steps can lead to big results and changes in how you feel and look. We’ve designed the program to be simple and easy enough so you can continue these habits the rest of your life.  

Make note of changes

Notice your mood, your energy level. Notice the shape of your body and how your clothes fit. Notice how you respond to the detox sessions and the lifestyle changes. If you’re diabetic or struggle with other health issues, notice if you see improvement. Tweak what you are doing. You’ll know what I mean once you get into it. You may want to change up your shakes, or do more saunas, or change your exercise, or even consider changing foods you normally eat. Once the toxins start leaving your body you start making different choices…. usually healthy choices for you  

The Mini Cleanse Includes:


  • 6 infrared sauna/ion cleanse sessions
  • 30 minute one-on-one planning session with Lucy, our Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
  • Online education on detoxification including estrogen detox
  • Online videos and recipes for tasty detox shakes and more
  • Online education on avoiding environmental toxins in food
  • Online education on intra/extracellular water, GMOs, salt, constipation, collagen and much more
  • Unlimited access to your online materials!





Studio TimeOut Mini Cleanse: How to Get Started


detox shakes recipeSchedule your

planning session

Email Lucy at to set up your 30 minute private appointment. You’ll talk to Lucy by phone or Skype and create an action plan for your detox. Before you have your appointment:

  • watch the “Welcome & Intro” videos
  • watch the “Basic Detox Shake” videos
  • watch the “Estrogen Detox” videos
  • fill out the Intake Questionnaire online and email it to Lucy



Schedule your

detox sessions

Call the front desk and schedule your 30 minute detox sessions Before you arrive, watch the videos on both the ion cleanse and the infrared sauna The staff will help you set up when you arrive.

Watch the videos

healthy shake recipeEach video is 20 minutes or shorter. It should be very easy to work into your schedule. Follow the directions from there. It goes step by step  




If you’re already registered for the Mini Cleanse,

click here to log in





Satisfaction guaranteed! If you’ve done all the detox sessions and implemented the shakes and lifestyle changes and are not satisfied with the program, let us know and you get your money back!