Insanity Live, Tabata, or high intensity interval training, can be a life-changing type of workout if you’re looking for more energy, a better mood, and a dramatically improved body composition (leaner and more muscular). 

It’s very intense, BUT….. everyone can do this class…. yes! Even if you’re NOT IN SHAPE AT ALL!
Do not confuse Insanity Live or Tabata with regular cardio such as aerobics or step or running. It’s not repetitive and you don’t even watch the clock… it goes by so fast!
Tabata and Insanity Live, with their short, intense intervals, is a completely different workout than one with your heart rate elevated continuously for 30 or so minutes.
The intense, on and off exercise pushes your body. After class, your body will take 48 or so hours to recover….and you emerge MUCH stronger (and you still feel great even while your body recovers!).
Then….watch your body change! Coupled with a really healthy, supportive diet, Tabata and Insanity Live will help you in numerous ways!
Learn more details on how Tabata works.
  • Wear shoes!
  • Our floor is sprung… it moves with you! If you stand on the carpet… it’s cement underneath. Don’t set up on the carpet for tabata!
  • Plan your food/drink. This makes or breaks your class! Most people do best on an empty stomach or maybe a very small snack. We highly recommend a glass of Dynamic Greens (found in the studio) right before class on an empty stomach. Drink the whole glass before class. The Dynamic Greens hydrates better than plain water and gives you the energy you need to do your best in class.
  • If you find you’re thirsty and drinking water during the class… you’re dehydrated! You should be able to go through a 45 minute class without needing to drink water. Plan a minimum of 4 hours in advance to start drinking water or Dynamic Greens. The more hydrated you are, the better you will feel and you won’t get thirsty in class.
  • If you drink coffee/tea, be sure it’s through your stomach before class. Coffee and tea make many people nauseous in Tabata. Caffeine can improve your performance… just be done with it well before class.
  • Within 30-60 minutes after class, eat some easily-digestible protein, such as a protein shake or drink. The protein at this point will help you recover better, and it’s ideal for those looking for body fat loss.
  • If you’re looking for really effective body composition changes take the XymoBolx (1 scoop in a glass of water) before and after the class. It’s branched chain amino acids that help you torch fat and keep or gain muscle….meaning better muscle definition and a toned look.
  • For your first class…. go easy! Get used to the class format. Take the easier options.
  • Going forward, amp up if you feel you’re ready. If you are new with exercise, ease into it over weeks or even months. Amping up too quickly can lead to injury.
  • If you have trouble getting down to the floor and back up in a quick fashion, stay up. Use the bars around the room instead of the floor.
  • For knee trouble, avoid all jumping. Many people in the class do not jump ever.
  • If you’re fit and ready to go….. go all out. Don’t be afraid of the feeling! You might feel REALLY out of breath or your muscles will burn! It only lasts a few more seconds… then you recover! People who push themselves to this point get the best results.
  • No need to do the whole class. If you even do ONE segment, you’ll get a huge benefit.
  • It’s easy to over-do Tabata. You’ll end up wearing yourself down… and you actually end up fatter and more stressed!
  • A little Tabata goes a long way. Balance it with yoga, Pilates, Aerial Stretch and Small Ball Release.
  • CardioZen alternates 4 minute tabatas with challenging 4 minute yoga pose sequences

I love how every one of the staff is welcoming and supportive no matter where you are at in your fitness journey. The fact that they frequently show modifications you can make in class to help it fit your needs is a clear indication of how much everyone there cares about each individual person. Jeanne’s health-related newsletters are packed full of incredibly helpful info as well! — Julie Horton