Cleanse Day 8

Cleanse Day 8

Friday morning, day 8, the last day….I’m amazed I made it, AND I’m amazed at how good I feel when fasting (now, not earlier!). David’s pants are falling down from his weight loss….we better get home!

This fast is a deprivation of calories, but really loaded with other nutrients. I’m getting so many nutrients from the green powders and drinks that my body craves. My cells are hydrated…finally getting the water they crave. My digestive system has had a wonderful break from solid food, allowing energy to be used to detoxify, instead of work at digestion. As fat and other materialis broken down from calorie deprivation, toxins are released, and my 5 organs of elimination are available to get rid of it.

We have our last colonic. They tell us it takes about 30 days of colonics to fully clear the colon of old matter and “sludge”. At that point, if you get a colonoscopy, your colon will be pink, instead of encrusted in thick layers of material that’s been there for years and years. Toxins love this stuff and live in there. People have pounds of old fecal material (wonder why your belly pooches out???) that never leaves. They’ve found it on autopsy. One man had 50 pounds in there! More common is 15-20 pounds.

What we do for 8 days here is beneficial, but continuing at home is even more beneficial. I feel I put in a lot of effort this week, I don’t want to throw it away by returning to bad habits at home. All we’ve learned is a bit overwhelming. I’ve decided to choose certain things I’ll do. Dry brushing my skin, fiber drink, green juice, drink WAY more water, one liquid meal/day (and 2 solid), liver cleanse once/month, many many more vegetable into my diet. I’m going to try to make kefir with coconut milk, I’ll make my own nut milks, and I’m considering getting the alkalizing water machine.

Here’s are 2 soups we’ve been having here:

soupYam Puree Soup

2 yams
32-64 oz vegetable broth or water

Boil yams til tender. Put yams and cooking water in vitamix, blender or food processor and run til smooth. Add salt, cayenne pepper, olive oil….watever you like.

Zucchini Soup

3 zuchinnis chopped
1/4 onion chopped
2 stalks celery chopped
1/2 bunch spinach
water or vegetable broth

Cover and simmer on low heat 10-12 minutes. Cool slightly. Puree in blender. Add salt, cayenne, olive oil.


We stayed at We Care Spa through 4pm soup then Francesco took us by cab to the Swiss Health Resort. Carl and Ingrid run this place. They have 3 hot spring pools here, each diffrent temperatures. Francesco will take us to the the airport in a few hours. At this point, I’m glad to get home!

Cleanse Day 7

Cleanse Day 7

My energy and ability to focus is high. Just in time to deal with the deluge of things happening back at home and in the studio. David’s got a lot with his business as well… between the water drinking, colonics, treatments, classes, saunas, and sunning at the pool is the phone and computer put to heavy use back in our room. I watch my tension rise as I receive these troubles at home and realize I need to ride those bumps more smoothly.

In about 5 minutes David and I have a couples appointment with a Psych-K practitioner (psychological kinesiology). She’ll help us change some of our limiting belief systems….

Hours later…..our 1 hour apointment turned into two. I guess we really needed work! This method works with the subconscious belief system, which runs our behavior. Kinesiology (muscle testing) is an accurate detector of our subconscious truths and the causes of stress in our bodies. It was a long process and I felt lighter and less stress after, and closer to David. It will be good for our relationship.

greendrinkEarlier today we learned how to transition to solid food. Three days of veggies/fruits only, then slowly adding in beans, nuts, seeds, whole grains and finally meat. They don’t encourage meat eating here…however, they don’t seem to distinguish grass fed from feed lot corn fed..two completely different foods. I’m going to continue eating our meat from Anderson Farms. I’m so glad we have the opportunity to get grass fed beef and free range, organic chicken and turkey from a local farm.

I had another System Recovery treatment tonight (90 minutes of heat, infrared, and castor oil). It was extremely relaxing this time and when I left the treatment room, it was dark outside….a warm breeze, people visiting by the pool…absolutely heavenly.

Tonight’s our last night here. I’m already feeling sad about leaving. The fasting has grown on me. One more day of fasting tomorrow, than back to Minneapolis. I’m looking forward to teaching Nia on Sunday….I miss Nia and I miss all my class participants. It’s a very special class for me. In some way I know I will be different on Sunday. From my Nia Black Belt….the River of the Unknown……

Cleanse Day 6

Sleeping last night was a challenge. I felt distractingly hungry and had thoughts racing through my head. At 2 am David got up to do some energy work on me. He felt energy pulsing, almost out of control, ….like a hose hiccuping and spurting water instead of running freely and smooth. He calmed it all down and I slept like a baby the rest of the night.

I’m wondering if it’s my adrenals kicking in. I’ve felt so deeply tired the last few years that maybe this is what it feels like to have those organs start to work properly. That deep tiredness that’s so familier to me is gone….and it’s not because I’ve been sleeping a ton here….I’m sleeping less.

My weight is down 4 pounds and David 10. We’re not here specifically for weight loss but it’s interesting to keep track. My belly feels empty and flat, and I like that! I’m feeling like I’m losing muscle. No vigorous exercise for me this week.

Chris taught us about alkalinity last night. Most of us are acid. Cancer and chronic disease thrive in acid environments. Here we drink water at a pH of 9.5…alkaline water. This particular water has a high antioxidant potential…so helps with the detox. David’s been having some serious detox reactions and drinking loads of this water helps eliminate the toxins.

Chris tested about 10 different drinks…mostly waters. The soda (7 Up) and carbonated water were by far the worst in terms of pH and antioxidant potential. They are highly oxidizing. Vitamin Water, Propel, Smart Water and plain bottled waters were all acidic and also oxidizing to various degrees……but none of them good!

Here’s our drink routine at We Care:

Get up, take enzymes with kidney/liver tea

glass of aloe vera juice

barley green drink

Lots of alkaline lemon/mint water throughout day and night

Detox drink (fiber, olive oil, minerals,2 oz apple juice, water) followed by another glass of water

Afternoon: aloe vera juice

glass of green juice

another detox drink w/enzymes

evening: 1 cup pureed vegetable soup (the best part of my day!)

glass of aloe vera juice

blood purifier tea

Here’s a video of We Care Spa so you can see the area. You’ll see the kitchen area…that’s where we get all our drinks and hang out talking.


Cleanse Day 5

Cleanse Day 5

I finally had my first good colonic. It might sound funny to you…this topic. But here it’s often the topic of conversation around the kitchen table. Everyone gets a daily colonic and people like to talk about it. It’s very frustrating to go through the trouble of a colonic and nothing comes out. When it finally releases, it’s a relief! Much of this material has been in there for many years. Old material looks very different from new. Getting rid of that old stuff helps the colon work better and it returns to its natural pink color and healthy state.

It’s up and down here. One minute you feel great, the next not. We’re instructed to take it very easy and rest when we don’t feel energized. If energized, we’re to get our lymph moving with the rebounder, the slant board, the Vibra Trim (it shakes and vibrates you), or take a walk.

David experienced a huge migraine headache yesterday…to the point of shaking and sweating and nausea. Luckily they have this activated air machine so he got ozone, which helped immensely. They tell us this is all part of the detox process. We’ll see how he feels today. I’m feeling great, very energetic and my talking is back……I was talking so much last night…David said “I love to hear what you have to say, but I have to go to sleep”. I still feel hungry….but it’s ok..not bothersome.

We had 2 talks from Susana yesterday. Susana started We Care Spa about 25 years ago. She’s from Argentina. We learned how health begins and ends with digestion. It’s the first place to start working if you have health problems. It’s one thing to put good food into your mouth. It’s another to have your body digest and absorb that food. For most of us, this is not happening.

Enzymes are necessary for digestion, and that starts in your head. If you eat under stressful situations (like driving the car), your body will not secrete enzymes. So, relax, be thankful for your food, chew it well, and you’ll have a better chance of actually using that food because you can absorb it.

Enzymes are found in all plants, nuts, seeds. Heat destroys the enzymes. Susana suggested that if we could only do ONE broccoliTHING when we get home, we should take in one glass of vegetable juice a day….for the enzymes (and other benefits too). Vegetable juice we make ourselves, out of a variety of greens, maybe a bit of carrot, beet, etc. This is something I plan to do.

Susana also talked about the 5 organs of elimination: lungs, colon, kidneys, skin and lymph. Breathe deeply to help detoxify (lungs). You’ll immediately feel more energy. Take 10 deep breaths… do you feel? Drink lots of water to flush through the kidneys. Get your colon going. You should poop once for every meal. If you eat 3 times a day, that’s 3 poops. Brush your skin once a day to remove the dead stuff so the toxins can get out. Sweat every day to release toxins. For lymph, move your body….a lot! These practices help you release the toxins and take the load off your liver.

You might think….”my body is made perfectly, why should I have to go to these measures when my body is made to take care of itself?”

That’s true….your body should be able to keep itself cleansed. However, the world is now filled with toxins we cannot escape, and our bodies cannot keep up with it… we get sick. And not only sick with a cold or flu, but chronic disease and cancer.

If you want to be healthy, you’ll have to go out of your way to make it happen.

Cleanse Day 4

Cleanse Day 4

Day 4….half way through. I’m actually able and wanting to talk more now and I told David last night that when Friday comes I will feel so incredibly proud to finish this program…and I do see the end in sight! At this point I would consider doing this again.

My body felt almost normal in the morning yoga/Pilates class yesterday…I didn’t feel light headed every time I stood up, it didn’t feel effortful just to sit and my muscles welcomed the work. My afternoon was filled with lazy tv watching (once I could figure out how to use 3 remote controls). I laid around through the afternoon. It was Sunday, no special classes that day, not like today…a day full of classes…back in the saddle!

As it’s day four I’m seeing the real possibility of actually finishing this fast successfully. Before arrival I had a lot of doubts…..”what if I’ll need to get a cab to get something to eat?” I’ve heard people have done that with horrifying consequences….such as beer and pizza and ending up in the hospital. Not me. I’m going to stick it out. And actually, I feel good and don’t feel the need to eat other food. My hunger still comes and goes, but my energy is so much better and my mind is clearer.

I have to tell you…last night I had a tai massage….SO amazing. Therapist Martha pulled, pushed, kneeded and twisted me in every direction possible for 90 minutes. It felt like a combination of stretching, massage and rolfing. It seems to work on connective tissue release. After, my body felt looser, much more space in my joints, especially my neck, shoulders and hips. I signed up for more of those and when I return home, I’m going to look up a good tai massage therapist and continue this work.

Soup last night was yellow squash. We’ve had zucchini and yam previous nights. These are cooked, one vegetable soups. The one vegetable is lightly cooked, mixed with water or broth, and pureed…a bit of salt added. On my first spoonful of that soup, my body says “thank you!” The nourishment goes right to the core. Instantly satisfying. I’ll continue the soup at home. Actually, I had a fantasy of having a pot of this soup available in our new kitchen space at the studio.

Speaking of the new kitchen/nutrition space, that new division of the studio is a big reason I’m here….to learn more and to come home with more we can do to help our clients. I’m here to experience it personally so I know first hand. The new spaceĀ  is intended to add the nutrition/food aspect of becoming a healthier, more alive person.

I see I’m already thinking of home….of the work I love so much. It’s a good sign.