Lemon Poppy Seed Tea Cakes (Gluten, Sugar, Dairy, Nut, Egg Free)

Lemon Poppy Seed Tea Cakes (Gluten, Sugar, Dairy, Nut, Egg Free)

gluten free teacakesThese are gluten, dairy, sugar, nut and egg free treats that really help when you’re in the mood for a muffin or a “bready” treat. The Poppyseed Teacakes taste like lemon poppyseed cake with a macaroon texture. The teacakes have substance and are surprisingly satisfying. You won’t find yourself unable to stop eating. Not because they don’t taste good, but you rally will feel satisfied and happy.Your blood sugar will not spike and you’ll stay satisfied for a l-o-n-g time!

Why? Because they’re made with real food! Lots of fiber from the chia seeds and coconut… hence the chewing needed!

Make a variation by adding cinnamon or other warm spices. make the teacakes for yourself, or make for a special occasion such as holiday, baby or wedding shower or birthday celebration.

The Teacakes are portable. Easy to pop a few into a bag and throw them in your purse when your on the go. Perfect to eat when your shopping, at the airport, or on a road trip. 

Plan to eat them within about 24 hours of baking them. They are best kept in the fridge (after they’ve cooled down). They get “old” rather quickly

Brands of coconut butter vary in texture and their ability to melt. You may have a brand that really doesn’t melt. Put it in the saucepan anyway and heat slowly. At least warn it a bit. Other brands will actually melt. It works either way.

Coconut butter is NOT the product sold in the refrigerated “butter” area of the store. that’s “butter” made with coconut.

This coconut butter is often found next to the coconut oil in the store. It’s in a jar. When you open it, it often has a layer of coconut oil on the top. Remove that and use where you would use coconut oil. For this recipe, use the harder/firmer coconut butter underneath the oil.

Using coconut butter gives the wonderful flavor and texture quite different from using the oil. We know you’ll love it!

The ground chia seeds mixed with water are a replacement for egg. It’s what holds them together (and adds that fiber). If you let the mixture sit, it will turn very thick. You may think you did something wrong. Nope! It does thicken up like rubber cement. When you add the chia seed mixture to the other ingredients, you’ll need to mix it with your hands.

Lemon Poppyseed Teacakes


3 cups unsweetened shredded coconut

½ cup coconut butter, melted

4 Tbsp white or black chia seeds

¾ cups water

3 Tbsp poppy seeds

2 tsp liquid lemon stevia

1 tsp lemon extract



Preheat oven to 350F.

Melt the coconut butter on LOW heat. Check to see that it does not burn. 

Grind up the chia seeds in a coffee grinder. Pour the powdered chia into a big mixing bowl, add the water, and mix completely. The chia and water will combine to create a gel.

Stir in all other ingredients until completely combined. Use your hands to mix it thoroughly!

Mold into balls and place on parchment paper lined baking sheet. When you form the balls, squeeze them as tight enough to hold together well. This will prevent them from drying out. 

Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes or until the tops are light golden brown.