Mango Chocolates (sugar, dairy, gluten free)

Mango Chocolates (sugar, dairy, gluten free)

Tasty, healthy chocolates are actually good for your hips and thighs!Mango Chocolates

Mango Chocolates are sugar free (almost), gluten and grain free and dairy free (almost). One of our favorite recipes….much more than a healthy snack. Mango Chocolates include a medical food called “Estrium,” a product by Metagenics. Estrium offers rice protein and numerous vitamins, minerals, herbs and other nutrients that work synergistically to assist your liver in getting rid of xeno estrogens (the estrogen-like toxins in the environment) in a health promoting way.

Don’t worry, Estrium does not change your estrogen level. It simply helps your liver metabolize estrogenic compounds in a health promoting way.

Your liver has lots of choices when it comes to how it will metabolize various compounds. In the case of estrogens, your liver has the choice (depending on what enzymes and minerals are available, and your genetics) can transform them into something healthy or something unhealthy.

The Estrium helps your liver, by giving it good and proper nutrition, to biotransform estrogens into healthy metabolites. Those metabolites are estrogens that are good for you and send the right messaging to your cells.

On the other hand, we are all affected by toxins in the environment called xeno estrogens, found in plastics, fake scents, factory farmed animals (poor quality meat) including dairy and eggs and chicken. Birth control residues are found in the water and toxic dumping by various companies also ends up in our water supply and many of these chemicals dumped are xeno-estrogens.

The xeno-estrogens are estrogen look-alike molecules that, once in your body, can bind to your estrogen Mango Chocolatesreceptors. Good, healthy estrogens send healthy and good messages to your cells. Xeno-estrogens send unhealthy signals and messages to your cells, resulting in deteriorating health and setting you up for hormone-related problems including cancers.

Men, boys, young girls, babies, as well as women are affected by xeno-estrogens. It’s not a women’s only problem. Men and boys are affected with breast development or “man boobs”. Men can experience hormone imbalance such as low testosterone, prostate trouble and even leading to an increased risk of prostate cancer from the excess of xeno-estrogens.

Young girls can experience early puberty. Later, they can be affected by PMS, infertility, fibroids and possibly hysterectomy. Later, women experience more trouble with menopause.

Another related issue is the pesticide Atrazine. It’s not a xeno-estrogen, but it affects your sex hormone status. Atrazine stimulates an enzyme called aromatase, resulting in a large amount of your testosterone (and yes, women have and need testosterone too) being turned into estrogen compounds. Excess estrogen leads to decreased testosterone, a problem for everyone, not just men.

The key here is to stop ingesting Atrazine. Eat and purchase organic foods without pesticides. Atrazine has contaminated our water, so filter your water. Zinc is an aromatase inhibitor which can help counter the effects of too much testosterone biotranforming to estrogen. Another good reason to focus on increasing your mineral intake.

Hormones govern where your fat gets stored. Excess estrogen, including xeno-estrogens, contribute to excessive body fat on the hips and thighs of women.

Our clients using Estrium (along with cruciferous vegetables) experience loss of fat in the hip/thigh region. If you’re a woman who stores excess fat in the hip and thigh area, it’s an indication you are not effectively metabolizing estrogens through your liver.

Cruciferous vegetables (kale, broccoli, cauliflower, arugula, etc) containing a compound that also helps your liver clear xeno-estrogens. The Estrium and cruciferous veggies are most effective when either eaten together or at least in the same day. We recommend you eat cruciferous veggies in at least 2 meals a day.

The Mango Chocolates are healthy and therapeutic. The fats are stable and excellent for your brain, nerves and gut lining. You have a bit of protein and the nut flour adds a bit of carbohydrate.

Some people substitute maca flour if the nut flour causes allergy or intolerance.

You’ll find a small amount of sugar in the Estrium. And you’ll find dairy in the butter. To avoid dairy, use all coconut oil and no butter at all. That’s the version I always use for myself.

To make the fancy shapes you see in the photo above, use a candy mold. Find those at a craft store or kitchen store in the candy making area. Simply pour the mixture into the mold, freeze, and pop the shapes out. I used a small heart shaped mold above. Great for gifts!

A word of caution: Estrium will help you eliminate xeno-estrogens. Birth control pills are xeno-estrogens. If you are taking BCPs and do not want to get pregnant, either do not use Estrium or use a different form of birth control.

Mango Chocolates

3/4 Cup Melted Pasture Butter (or substitute all butter for coconut oil)
2 Tbsp Melted Coconut Oil
1 Cup Estrium
1/2 Cup Almond Flour (or Hazelnut Flour) (or maca flour)
1/2 Cup Unsweetened Organic Cocoa Powder
2 tsp Almond Extract
1-2 tsp Liquid Stevia

Melt butter and/or coconut oil on the stove on low. While that is melting, combine all other ingredients in a mixing bowl. Once the fats are melted stir those in until everything is combined.

Pour the mixture onto a flexible cutting board or a tray or pan that fits into your freezer. Place the tray in your freezer until the Mango Chocolates are firm and frozen.

Cut your Mango Chocolates into squares and store them in a glass container in the freezer. Enjoy!

***Optional: You can sprinkle unsweetened coconut flakes, chia seeds, unsweetened cacao nibs, or a few chopped nuts on top before you put the tray in the freezer.

Experiment with how much oil/butter. You can make these very thin or thicker depending on the amount of oils added. For the molds, you’ll need the mixture thin enough to pour. If yours is not that way, simply add more melted oil.