Cleanse Day 7

Cleanse Day 7

My energy and ability to focus is high. Just in time to deal with the deluge of things happening back at home and in the studio. David’s got a lot with his business as well… between the water drinking, colonics, treatments, classes, saunas, and sunning at the pool is the phone and computer put to heavy use back in our room. I watch my tension rise as I receive these troubles at home and realize I need to ride those bumps more smoothly.

In about 5 minutes David and I have a couples appointment with a Psych-K practitioner (psychological kinesiology). She’ll help us change some of our limiting belief systems….

Hours later…..our 1 hour apointment turned into two. I guess we really needed work! This method works with the subconscious belief system, which runs our behavior. Kinesiology (muscle testing) is an accurate detector of our subconscious truths and the causes of stress in our bodies. It was a long process and I felt lighter and less stress after, and closer to David. It will be good for our relationship.

greendrinkEarlier today we learned how to transition to solid food. Three days of veggies/fruits only, then slowly adding in beans, nuts, seeds, whole grains and finally meat. They don’t encourage meat eating here…however, they don’t seem to distinguish grass fed from feed lot corn fed..two completely different foods. I’m going to continue eating our meat from Anderson Farms. I’m so glad we have the opportunity to get grass fed beef and free range, organic chicken and turkey from a local farm.

I had another System Recovery treatment tonight (90 minutes of heat, infrared, and castor oil). It was extremely relaxing this time and when I left the treatment room, it was dark outside….a warm breeze, people visiting by the pool…absolutely heavenly.

Tonight’s our last night here. I’m already feeling sad about leaving. The fasting has grown on me. One more day of fasting tomorrow, than back to Minneapolis. I’m looking forward to teaching Nia on Sunday….I miss Nia and I miss all my class participants. It’s a very special class for me. In some way I know I will be different on Sunday. From my Nia Black Belt….the River of the Unknown……