toning classes in minneapolisMuscle toning helps to beautifully shape your body.

Running, biking, and walking are all great ways to enjoy the outdoors! But nothing beats concentrated muscle toning for changing the way your body looks. Our toning classes in Minneapolis focus on just that!

Posture improves, strength improves… helping you to feel more energetic and stronger. You also develop those beautiful curves in just the right places, and your clothes fit better.

These 3 toning classes are for every body… no matter what shape you’re in. Even if you’ve NEVER lifted weights, you can do these exercise classes!

What’s best? A combination of the 3 toning classes. Variety in toning gets the best results.

Endurance Weight Training

  • Simple and straightforward
  • Really great class for beginners. Easy to follow and straightforward.Nothing tricky or complicated 
  • Bring shoes (indoor, clean ones – we like these ones)
  • Ditch the weights completely (if you’re new to weights) and use only the bar (3lbs). You’ll still get a workout.
  • Go easy on your first class (choose the small plates or none). If all goes well, amp up the weights in your next class.
  • Don’t use the bar AT ALL for the squat track (the second track). Your thighs will for sure be sore even without the bar!
  • Arrive 10 minutes early to get set up (lots of equipment to get out and set up)
  • Plan to be sore for up to 4 days after the class if it’s your first time. That soreness will go away after you’ve done the class a few times. 
  • Really good exercise class to tone muscles (big muscles don’t happen in this class…just lean and toned)
  • As you gain strength, increase your weights. Each track should feel like it’s so hard you need to take breaks.


  • Intense with small movements/pulses
  • Barefoot. Avoid embarrassment of stinky feet by cleaning your feet with the hot lavender towels before class
  • Your legs will be up in the air. Don’t wear loose shorts. Tight leggings – either long or short – work well.
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes early to set up.
  • Don’t be alarmed if your legs shake uncontrollably. It’s normal and it means you’re getting results.
  • It’s intense. If you feel light headed at any time, take a break. Drink water. Leave the room and rest on the couches.
  • You may be sore. You may not. Not everyone gets sore from Barre
  • The technique may feel odd at first. Give yourself 5-10 classes to understand the form.
  • Aerial Barre uses the aerial hammock for spinal decompression, back dancing and upper body toning. The legwork is done all at the barre.
  • More info on Barre HERE

exercise fitness classes in minneapolis


  • More complex movements than BODYPUMP.
  • Use dumbbells. A combination of small pulses and full range. Large and small weights. 
  • Arrive 10 minutes early to get equipment set up.
  • If you have not been lifting weights recently or ever, choose small weights (3-4lb) and stay with those for about 6 weeks to avoid tendon trouble. After 6 weeks, increase!
  • Don’t be surprised if the class feels really hard for you (especially if you’re just getting back to exercise). Listen to your body and take as many breaks as you need. 
  • If some of the hip work feels impossible, you need to know it gets better and you get stronger. Do just a little each time. Same with push-ups! Killers if you have not been doing them! 
  • Some of the abdominal work is Pilates based and can feel very odd if you’re not used to Pilates. The main focus is to pull IN with your belly muscles. Put you legs down on the floor and/or put your head on the red ball if you feel your abs pooching out.
I came to the studio in sad shape hoping for a good jump on getting back into shape before spring. I’ve attended 9 classes so far since Jan 8th. Body Pump, Barre, Arial Barre, Pilates Mat, and Zumba. I feel great! The instructors are nice and I like that they know everyone and introduce themselves to the newbies. The classes are as hard as you want them to be and there are options and no shaming for folks like me who are trying to get back to a good form. I’m glad I signed up! — Carol Nelson

I love the studio timeout community! Everyone knows your name and it’s so comforting to see familiar faces (and new
ones) and know we’re all there for the same purpose, no judgements. Classes are so enjoyable when you’re having
fun! I have had such a great experience thus far and I am learning new things about my body every day. The staff and
instructors are always smiling and welcoming and encouraging 🙂 I would say that coming to the studio is one of the best things I have done for myself in a while 🙂 — SR, 20 years old