mat classes minneapolis, yoga classes minneapolisAre you surprised at how little weight you can lift? Or do you lift weights but then you hurt your shoulders or your back?
These are signs you may need more stability around your joints.
BODYPUMP, BodyShaping, AND Tabata work mainly your large muscle groups… the thighs, the deltoids, biceps, triceps…..
But it’s REALLY important to have strength around your joints. Those are smaller muscles that support joint placement and movement.
Yoga classes help you develop stability and balance in your body, increasing both your flexibility and strength. Every yoga pose combines flexibility with strength, helping your body become stronger in the other exercise classes.

Insider Tips:

  • We offer 2 types of yoga: Iynegar yoga and general yoga
  • Both will improve your flexibility, strength, and stress response.
  • Iyengar uses no music but uses a variety of props
  • Get there early to get out all your props! You’ll use the bolsters, blankets, blocks, straps and maybe even chairs!
  • Iyengar class may feel like “workshop style” in that you’ll gets lots of demonstration and instruction. Your instructor will move around the room and help you with the poses.
  • The general yoga class DOES use music. It’s not quite as technique intensive as the Iyengar. Though it does feel like a workout and is challenging, this class also has a relaxing and stress relieving quality
  • If you are very inflexible, we recommend the Iyengar class. The props and the individual instruction will assist you in getting into those challenging poses.
  • Both classes are suited to people who are new to yoga. However, the Iyengar class gives deeper instruction. Both classes are challenging also to more experienced yoga people
  • You’ll leave both classes feeling strong, calm and centered