Nia classes minneapolis, exercise classes in minneapolisIdeal exercise class to mix in between the muscle toning classes Barre and PUMP. You could do them back to back in one day, or alternate the muscle toning one day with Zumba or BollyX in between.
This class is categorized as cardio. It contains choreographed dance moves… Zumba has Latin and Pop Music with Latin and Hip Hop moves, and BollyX has Indian and Pop music with Bollywood (Indian film industry) inspired dance moves.
It’s for anyone who loves to dance (whether they’re good at it or not!) and wants a fun way to work out.

Getting started with Zumba and BollyX is easy:

  • Wear Shoes! To start, wear cross trainers or “aerobics” shoes. However, a good choice if you’ll be coming to Zumba or BollyX often would be Ryka studio shoes. Your shoes can make or break your Zumba or BollyX exercise class.
  • We have 3 Zumba teachers and 3 BollyX teachers… each has a different style. Try all of them!
  • If anything feel too tricky, leave the arms out and focus on the footwork.
  • The main goal in Zumba and BollyX is to laugh, smile and enjoy yourself!
  • The fancy skirts people wear in class are sold in our studio store…. the skirts add that special flair!
  • A good class if you’re out of shape and want to really have fun and don’t like traditional exercise classes.